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Web hosting companies in Kenya provide a critical service that helps support the growth and visibility of businesses in the era of digital marketing. Web hosting in Kenya is a web-based service that permits you or your organization to publish your website or web applications on the world wide web so that it can be visible to visitors surfing the web. A hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a website to store its files. This act, therefore, makes the files that comprise a website (code, videos, images, etc.) available for viewing online through a web browser.

top web hosting companies in kenya


When you employ the services of a web hosting company, you essentially rent space on special computers named servers to store the necessary files and data that are required for your websites to function. 


If I can paint a picture for you, a website or web application would be a house, the land the house sits on would be the web host, the streets around the house would be the internet “highway” and the house address would be your Website domain / URL.

The top 5 best web hosting and domain registration companies in Kenya

1. Growthpad Digital Consulting 

An integrated digital consulting company in Nairobi, Kenya that offers web hosting services and domain name registration services. If you are looking for a web hosting package that meets your budgetary needs, then Growthpad Digital Consulting is one of the web hosting companies in Kenya that will meet your budget and also deliver high-quality work.

Cheap can be expensive and cheap web hosting in Kenya can end up being expensive in the long run however, Growthpad Digital consulting is the go-to place when you require stellar work done within budget…not cheaply. 
Additionally, the company also offers web design in Kenya for those who need their websites to be built from scratch.
Need website hosting services?  Contact Growthpad email [email protected]


2. DomainRacer Web Hosting

DomainRacer is a well-known web hosting company in Kenya on which clients’ trust is on a high level. Their web hosting is comparatively affordable than the industry average. They cover many factors from operation to data management. They are identified because of their 100% real quality services. DomainRacer provides Reseller hosting, Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and also
includes application-based hosting (as NodeJs, WordPress, PHP, MYSQL, eCommerce, Web Developer, Joomla, Magento Hosting, etc). DomainRacer is appropriate for heavy traffic websites that need faster- loading speed. DomainRacer has more than enough storage space and guaranteed up-time that’s the reason their website never goes off.

DomainRacer trustworthiness, speediness, and outstanding support make the hosting stand out from the crowd. DomainRacer offered a reliable running time is the most significant advantage. DomainRacer delivers a free domain name (.com & .in) with advanced hosting plan. All cheap Cpanel hosting plans bundled with unlimited disk space, unbounded bandwidth, email accounts, secure user
information with free of cost SSL certificate, build a website with a free website builder, free SEO tools, and many more.

3. Kenoobi Data 

Kenoobi Data is one of the domain companies in Kenya that offer Web Hosting, domain registration, email hosting and web security services audit services. It is a subsidiary brand to Kenoobi Group Limited and has the vision of shaping the future of Africa’s information by delivering the most secure and innovative data solutions.

4. Sasahost Limited

Sasahost Limited is a private ICT company that was incorporated in Kenya in 2009. They have extensive experience in the web hosting industry, offering secure and professional services both to direct customers and resellers. In addition to Web Hosting Services, they also offer Domain name services.

5. Truehost

Truehost offers reliable Web hosting services for small, medium and large websites in Kenya. They have affordable prices and all their Web Hosting includes free SSL Certificates. You can also choose from a variety of web hosting platforms that they offer which include; Cpanel, Plesk, and Tpanel.


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Types of web hosting in Kenya

Both individuals and organizations have different needs when it comes to the kinds of websites or web applications they need to publish. Different web hosting options exist to serve divergent needs. Here are 5 popular options available in Kenya :

  1. Shared Hosting 

    With this web hosting service, your website/web application will be put on the same server as other websites/web applications. It is an affordable option for clients with simple websites and is just starting. However, the fact that server resources such as disk space are shared, the frequency of downtime and slow website load speeds are higher than other types of hosting. Furthermore, you do not have much control in terms of what you can do with your websites. Features and updates are limited.  

  2. Dedicated Hosting

    As the name suggests, this web hosting service is the opposite of shared hosting. You have the privilege of placing many websites/web applications on the same server and utilize resources dedicated only to your websites/ web applications. It can be a little pricey in comparison to shared hosting however if you are anticipating high website traffic and need total control over your host server this is the way to go. 

  3. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

    This web hosting service is something in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It is a server within a server. What this means is that within a shared server, a dedicated amount of resources is allocated to you and will not be shared with anyone else. When your individual or organizational needs surpass the need for shared hosting but do not require the excesses of a dedicated web hosting plan, then VPS is the way to go. 

  4. Cloud Hosting

    This web hosting service does not employ the use of a single centralized physical server to host websites or web applications. Alternatively, it employs the use of multiple and decentralized clustered servers (cloud) whereby if one server breaks down, experiences local power disruptions or natural disasters information can still be accessible from the other servers in the “cloud”. A practical example is Google docs and other Google applications. Another example is dropbox. 

  5. Reseller Web Hosting 

    This web hosting service allows you to resell web hosting packages. It is a web hosting package with more features, and the privilege to resell your allocated server resources at price points of your choosing. It is an ideal option if you want or have spotted the opportunity to sell web hosting as a business. 


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Why do you need web hosting for your business?

You cannot build a house on air (disregard science fiction). You can only build it on land. Web hosting is the land that allows you to build a strong digital presence (assuming digital presence is a building). Thus the same way you would need your physical office to be found by your target audience offline, your online presence (via a website/web application) is how you will be found online.  Your digital marketing efforts will be directly tied to your website, hence ensuring a great user experience is critical for driving high conversions.Furthermore, web hosting services typically provide technical support for your website (be it creation, management, or troubleshooting) as an added value so that you can focus on your work. Lastly, you may wonder why you need an online presence. There are many benefits of online presence and I will just share 3 with you:


The process of Domain registration in Kenya

First off, a domain is the coordinates that help a user on the internet find your website/web application. So, what is the process of registering a domain?  Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Decide on your domain name

  2. Contact a Web hosting company

  3. Request a search to affirm that your intended domain name is not taken already

  4. Pay for the domain name if it is available to reserve it. 

cost of web hosting in kenya


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What is the cost of web hosting in Kenya?

Web hosting services in Kenya can range from Ksh 1000 – Ksh 10,000 annually depending on your needs or the needs of your organization. The more the features the higher the cost. The pricing is basically determined by several factors but this range is a good place to start.


Web hosting packages in Kenya

Web hosting packages in Kenya vary depending on the features that are required for a website/web application to serve its goals. The features can be used to create a customized or standardized package and they include but are not limited to Data storage, Monthly bandwidth, Subdomains, email accounts, databases, SSL certificates, technical support, DNS management, Site building tools, Marketing tools, SEO tools, and service uptime. 


How do you transfer your domain from one hosting company to the other?

Unless you plan to handle the technical process yourself, most web hosting companies in Kenya will offer guidance. You just simply need to contact your web hosting service provider and request a domain transfer. The technical team on their end should be able to guide you and extra charges may apply.  what makes a good web hosting company in kenya


What makes a good web hosting company?  

The 4 main things that make a good web hosting company in Kenya are :

  1. Uptime

    This is the time that your website is live from the server so that it can be found by a visitor on the internet. Ideally, this measure should always be a 100% uptime however, sometimes it is not. The closer to a 100% uptime a Webhosting company ensures the better. 

  2. Speed 

    Slow websites/web applications lead to higher bounce rates. A web hosting company should ensure that your website/web applications have a high load speed to avoid losing website visitors. 

  3. Cyber Security 

    Cybersecurity is critical for individuals and organizations alike. A web hosting company that has standard security measures in place and goes above and beyond to protect your website/web application using additional security measures is the most preferred. 

  4. Technical Support 

    There are many technicalities to a website/web application and a Web hosting company that assist you with technical issues fast and effectively is the ideal.


free digital strategy in kenya for digital marketing


Securing web hosting services in Kenya is not just about securing a place that can host your website/web application but it is better to look at it in terms of securing a partner who cares about your online presence. Web hosting companies in Kenya can make or break your online presence and you need to find a partner that will afford you all the necessary support that you need. Choose wisely.  For professional guidance on this topic email [email protected] or call +254721314242

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