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Adoption of Learning Management Systems(LMS) in Kenya

How Adoption of a Learning Management System(LMS) Can Drive Organisations Forward in Kenya We would all agree that in today’s competitive business landscape, an organisation's

How to Plan and Host a Successful Corporate Event in Kenya

Nothing beats a powerful impression. Summits and conferences are a phenomenal chance to showcase your company’s expertise, build professional networks, create new business opportunities, and

Top 6 event management companies in Kenya – 2023 complete guide

We are slowly getting used to the new normal where large gatherings have now been welcomed back. Weddings, concerts, corporate events, you name it; event

Top 5 exhibition booth production companies in Kenya – 2023

Exhibition booths are the first things your potential customers/ clientele will see once they arrive at any corporate function that you are exhibiting at. That’s

Top 5 Best Social media marketing agencies in Kenya | 2023 Full Guide

[lwptoc] Social media marketing agencies in Kenya are evolving. With over 21.7 Million internet users in Kenya as of January 2022, this is a fertile

Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Kenya | 2023 Full Guide

Digital marketing agencies in Kenya have come a long way to being a very core part of delivering growth and unmatched expertise for businesses and

Complete List of Social Listening Services in Kenya – 2023

This may come as a surprise, but listening is an essential part of communicating. What good is communication if the recipient is not willing to

Top 5 Language Interpretation and Translation Services in Kenya

Interpretation and translation services in Kenya have had a remarkable and expansive shift in the past decades.  These services have revolutionized the world. It gives

Top 5 sound companies in Kenya with affordable sound and public address systems for hire

Imagine a world where sound does not exist or never existed, unfathomable and boring right? That is how an event would be without the proper

Social media users in Kenya 2022

Social media has changed the way individuals, organizations, and communities create, consume and share content. Social networks have helped people communicate and break geographical barriers