Top 5 Best Graphic Design Companies in Kenya

Graphic design services in Kenya have increasingly changed.  Due to the digital explosion, graphic design companies in Kenya have seen a rise in demand. More businesses are looking to boost their digital interaction with audiences and prospects.

As such, creative agencies in Kenya are witnessing increased interest from organizations looking to enhance their digital presence. Graphic design is a vital part of digital strategy. This is due to the fact that each graphic serves as a lens through which stakeholders view you and your products/services.

graphic design companies in kenya


Why do you need graphic design services for your business?

From logo designers, graphic designers in Kenya to eCommerce website design companies, professionals in these fields are in high demand. With this level of saturation, it’s becoming more imperative to work with competent and trusted professionals who can deliver the highest standards.If you’re looking to reposition yourself in the new normal, we’ve rounded up some of the top graphic design companies in Kenya with a look at their offerings. 

How to identify great graphic design companies in Kenya

When it comes to design never take due diligence for granted, ensure you confirm the following:

  • Experience level 

Request for past work and client references to confirm the experience. 

  • Past client references

Request for client references or links to reviews of their work. 

  • Team structure

It’s best to work with a team rather than an individual, unless your budget is too limited, working with teams gives you diversity on the creative side. graphic designers in nairobi

Full list of leading graphic design companies in Kenya

1. Growthpad Digital Consulting

Over the last couple of years, Growthpad Digital Consulting has emerged as a trailblazer in the creative space. More than a graphic design firm, Growthpad has an integrated service offering.Additionally, the firm combines a data-driven approach with extensive experience. The result? Clients benefit from an exceptional experience.As part of its graphic design services, Growthpad’s dedicated graphic design team of experts has successfully executed projects for clients such as:

Here’s a brief overview of some design work done by Growthpad Digital for clients in Kenya & beyond:220034503 4236221316401339 1490992215903954172 n 1 | graphic design companies in kenyaAsus Latest 1 | graphic design companies in kenya


242074719 1146151562579311 3661994429065770775 n 1 | graphic design companies in kenya241811796 4402037756486360 7189210318053768895 n 1 | graphic design companies in kenyaBelow is one of many testimonials from satisfied clients:

Reviews of Growthpad:

With Growthpad, clients get the best of everything – graphic design, web development, marketing, social media management and much more

Call Growthpad on 0721314242 or email [email protected]

2. Image Quest 

Image Quest specializes in the design and branding of promotional items. These are primarily for small and medium businesses. 

3. Green Expose Digital

Founded in 2016, Green Expose is a digital-oriented agency. A self-described “team of geeks”, the team also offers SEO and advertising as part of its service lines.

4. Wyse Graphics Kenya

Wyse Graphics Kenya is a graphic design company in Nairobi with a focus on signage. The company also does printing and displays. 

5. Sketchers Design Promoters

Sketchers Design Promoters provides graphic design services with a focus on:

  • Vehicle branding
  • Promotional giveaways
  • Printing

graphic design companies in kenya and their prices

Graphic design prices in Kenya

The cost of graphic design in Kenya varies from service to service and depending on the company or consultant you will work with. Below is some indicative logo design cost in Kenya, poster design prices, banner design cost and more:

  1. Logo design
20,000 – 50,000Kes
  1. illustration
5,000- 10,000Kes
  1. Social media banners 
2,500 – 5,000Kes
  1. Creative artworks for traditional media such as billboards


Note: The cost of graphic design services in Nairobi is largely dependent on the agency you chose to work with and they can either go lower or higher depending on their level of competence, experience, and market demand. 


Take Your Brand To New Frontiers With One Of The Best Graphic Design Companies In Kenya 

At Growthpad Digital Consulting, we believe in delivering exceptional client experiences. We aren’t only one of the top graphic design agencies in Kenya. We are a full-service provider.We have experts in:

We approach projects with streamlined execution. Every aspect of your work is handled by experts keen on quality.graphic design companies in nairobiChoose Growthpad Digital Consulting for a cutting-edge graphic design tailored to your brand identity and business needs. Connect with us via [email protected]. Graphic design companies in Kenya can help you reach new heights for your brand.Harness the power of digital for your brand. Give us a call on +254 721 314 242 for more details.

Growthpad Digital Consulting
Growthpad Digital Consulting
We are a digital media and tech consulting firm headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with operations across East Africa. E: [email protected]   P: +254 701 850 850

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