5 Step Checklist To Creating Videos That Brings Customer Conversions.

Convert Views To Paying Customers

The power of video marketing for your business cannot be understated. In this day and age, having a content marketing strategy that does not employ creating videos that convert is simply shooting your content marketing efforts in the foot. People have a greater affinity towards video content and so do search engines. Furthermore, if well-executed, videos have excellent ROI. 

If you have determined that you need to employ the use of videos that convert in your marketing efforts, here is a 5 step checklist to creating videos that convert views to paying customers. 

Step 1 – Use content ideas that are already converting 

No need to reinvent the wheel (unless you have to for some reason), because there already exists a myriad of tested and proven content ideas that are already driving conversions for digital marketers. Where can you find these highly converting ideas? Depending on your niche, look for brands with successful: 

  • Blog content 
  • Magazine content
  • Online publications
  • YouTube content
  • Social Media content
  • Website content
  • Email Marketing Content
  • Et Cetera

Once you identify at least 3 top brands in your niche and identify winning content ideas that they all employ, you will get a feel for what content ideas to run with and what to shelve. Pro-tip for highly converting video content: The value proposition is strong, it is relevant to the needs and expectations of the viewer, and the call to action is simple and clear. Step 2 – Keep it short with strategically placed CTAsOn the internet, many distractions try to grab the attention of netizens. While watching your video, ads will run, pop-ups will appear, other suggested videos will be shown and the viewer might get bored or distracted based on their psychological activities. With this in mind, your videos should be short and punchy with a strategic call to action (CTA) that directs your viewer to the next actionable step. Your video should not be your entire pitch. You are likely to lose your viewer before they convert. Chunk the process for them in a simple and actionable manner. Your Video CTA can lead them to a landing page where you brief them of a time-bound offer just for them or any other offer for that matter. If they take the action of taking advantage of the offer you may then cross-sell or upsell them. If this were an entire video, the path to conversion is going to be long and boring for your viewer. Step 3 – Do thorough Video Search OptimizationBefore posting your video, do some keyword research to determine which keywords would generate the most views. You can use free tools like Google Keyword planner or get paid tools. Once you identify the most ideal keywords, ensure that you incorporate them in your video title and description. Furthermore, you can use relevant keywords in the content of the video and then add subtitles or closed caption files to the video for improved search rankings. It will also ensure your viewer accurately understands your message because they will both read and listen to it. 

Step 4 – Distribute your video via multiple platforms     

First off, to distribute your video via multiple platforms, you MUST optimize it for the platforms in question. Nowadays, viewers are everywhere. Your website or YouTube is not the exclusive place where they should access your video content. Web, Mobile, and various social networks are all the places your videos should appear. 

The customer’s buyer journey is not a straight path. You need to reach them across multiple touchpoints for them to finally convert. If you use only one or very few touchpoints, you are unlikely to push them through your sales funnel until they make a purchase. 

Step 5 – Experiment with different things and see what sticks 
On which platforms should your video appear? Which social networks are best for your video? How long should your video be? What content should your video contain? How should you do your audience targeting? You may be having many questions about what will and will not work for you. Step one pointed you in the right direction because you will get a feel for some standard practices in your niche. 

Nonetheless, know those different audiences have different video consumption nuances and through practice, you will get a knack for what works for your audience. Rome was not built in a day and practice makes perfect.

Furthermore, the most important thing to do is to experiment. Test out different ideas and see what sticks for your audience. Once you hit the sweet spot scale that practice and keep optimizing. With experimentation, you may learn that your audience responds to long videos for specific types of content and short videos for other kinds of content. Furthermore, you may find that they respond to certain CTAs better than others. 

Pro-Tip: Conducting A/B tests and tracking how they’re performing is the best way to go about experimentation. 

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Videos That Convert Views To Paying Customers

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