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Video production companies in Kenya have come a long way. Using video to enhance your website, app or social media is a creative way to help your company stand out in the digital marketing space. Some leading agencies in Kenya create content that can be of substantial value to your business. Finding a video production partner that matches your needs, however, can be challenging. That’s why we’ve created this list of the best video production companies in Kenya for you to review. Read through company descriptions, former clients, and notable projects to find the best fit for your business.  In fact, around nine in ten consumers say they will buy from a brand that they follow on social media.



Full list of the leading video production companies in Kenya

1. Video Force Kenya

Video Force Kenya carries along with it an experience of nearly a decade. The firm began with a mission of empowering people, organizations, entrepreneurs, and leaders to be unbeatable towards achieving their business goals through timeless video, digital media, and creating products and relationships that translate into new possibilities. They have excelled in conveying their client’s business expertise to the audience in memorable ways by adopting the language that customers can easily understand. They take care of it all: whether you want to educate, persuade, inform users or you want to encourage them for signups.  Have a video project that needs to be discussed?  Contact 0701850850 or email [email protected]


Contact Video Force Kenya on 0701850850 or email [email protected] to get a quotation for your next project. 

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Video Force team on a previous production set

2. HQue Media

HQue Media delivers highly creative video solutions to clients nationwide. They have served many clients in various sizes here in Kenya. Their strength is their obsession with quality to make sure their clients stay on top of the game. They bring their clients’ projects to life with professional & easy-to-understand videos. Work quality is given utmost importance hence each work is carefully crafted and undergoes strict internal inspection to ensure results that go beyond expectations.  Video production services in Kenya can give your business an edge.


3. Selene Studios

Selene studios focus on building ecosystems for brands centered around technology and consumer engagement. Turning stories into conversations, impressions into relationships, and campaigns into results. They are a diverse Commercial Production Company based in Long Beach, California that produces content to inspire the betterment of ourselves and our community. Our Directors have a background in High-End Commercials, Scripted Content, and both long-form and short-form documentary work. We have an All-Star team of Producers and Crew that connect your brand or story directly to your audience. We provide our customers with more than just a video. We provide them with an Experience.


4. Dreamcatcher Productions

Dreamcatcher Productions Limited is a fully integrated, broad-based production company and a regional leader in the creation, production, and post-production of all forms of audiovisual content. They love to tell stories and boast over two decades of experience in every aspect of filmmaking, as well as a work ethic that is fitting of their name. 


5. Enzi Media

Enzi Media produces high-quality videos for all demographics to suit various needs. They focus on building ecosystems for brands centered around technology and consumer engagement. Turning stories into conversations, impressions into relationships, and campaigns into results.



Why should you hire a video production company?

  • They bring a new angle to creativity and help you bring out a professional video.
  • An experienced team will most likely provide unmatched expertise that your internal teams might lack.
  • Access to the highest quality set of equipment means better outcomes for your brand.
  • Quality sound and post-production capabilities.

What are the types of videos that production companies in Kenya can help you make?

  1. Tv ads for your brand or organization
  2. Product Explainer Videos
  3. Corporate videos that profile your team or organization
  4. Events videos(Corporate events, weddings, etc)
  5. Reviews/Testimonial videos

explainer videos stats in kenya

3 Reasons why you need video in your marketing efforts

  1. Video drives greater ROI in digital marketing – Just the act of adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Studies have shown that 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a particular product subsequently bought it.
  2. Videos boost trust and credibility – There is no better way to raise the trust bar of your brand than through videos. Videos show that your business makes more effort and trust is the foundation of sales and conversions.  In a study, 57% of consumers say that videos gave them more confidence to purchase online.
  3. Video appeals to mobile users and Google loves videos – If there is a superpower your brand should have is the ability to rank on Google and videos can be one of the fastest ways to get there. Internet users in Kenya are heavily on their mobile devices and this is a great place to find customers. Google research informs us that smartphone users are twice as likely than TV viewers and 1.4 times more likely as desktop viewers to feel a sense of personal connection to brands that show video content or ads on their devices.

video production companies in kenya


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Having videos gives you a competitive edge over the businesses that don’t use videos to their advantage. Video production companies in Kenya can help you uncover this goldmine for your brand. Not only will your business itself stand out, so will your business website or social media platforms. Videos are an easy way to lend more credibility to your business and cause consumers in Kenya to take notice of your business.

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