Top 5 Virtual and Hybrid AGM Services in Kenya | 2024 Complete List

 top 5 virtual and hybrid AGM services in Kenya  Virtual and hybrid AGM services in Kenya were given the green light after the onset of the pandemic. Virtual and hybrid meetings are forms of live streaming or webinar, digital solutions that allow companies to interact via video, audio, and other forms of digital sharing. 


Covid – 2019 paralyzed the way of life and how companies conducted their business operations including running Annual general meetings for shareholders. Most companies started leveraging digital marketing tools to reach prospects. 

Measures put in place during the pandemic include restrictions on movements, public gatherings and meetings, social distancing, and protective wear. These measures affected the way companies held AGMs, hence shifts from physical to remote AGMs. 


What is an AGM?

AGM (Annual General Meeting) is a key medium utilized by companies to allow stakeholders and the management to discuss important information on performance, voting, and questioning the board on other factors affecting the company. 

What are the Company Acts on holding an AGM?

According to the Company Act 2015 Section 275A, all companies in Kenya are required to hold Annual General Meeting (AGM) except single-member companies. But the onset of the pandemic forced organizations to find alternatives or delay their AGMs. These made virtual and hybrid AGM services in Kenya a trend. 

Moving physical AGMs to the virtual environment

As a remedy, virtual and hybrid AGM services in Kenya became a new norm that companies should utilize to “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s”. These end-to-end AGM solutions enhanced the convenience and simplification of the physical AGM process which was costly and hassle. 

What is the difference between Virtual and Hybrid AGM

Holding a virtual AGM exclusively features real-time interactions over the internet via audio, videos, chats, and other forms of application sharing. Conversely, hybrid AGM features at least one group of in-person attendees and others connecting virtually. Both can be referred to as remote AGMs.  


virtual and hybrid agm services in kenya

Why organizations should adopt virtual and hybrid AGMs services in Kenya

The efficiency, accessibility, and effectiveness of virtual and hybrid AGMs over physical AGMs are a point of concern. As long as the companies follow the guidelines like setting clear goals, early preparations, and stating the outcomes, virtual meetings become a centerpiece for collaboration to create meaningful resolutions. 

 What are the advantages of virtual and hybrid AGM services in Kenya

In one way or another, virtual and hybrid AGM services in Kenya ensures that costs associated with managing and preparing physical meetings are highly reduced. Companies in Kenya and across the globe should therefore embrace the new norms. These new innovations improve and professionalize how companies hold meetings.   



Top 5 virtual and hybrid AGM services in Kenya 

Provided that remote AGMs are legally accepted in Kenya, there are many service providers that ventured into this sector. We have done extensive research and analysis to filter the top 5 virtual and hybrid AGM services in Kenya. They include;

1. Video Force Kenya

Video production services offered by this company encompass needs from script to screen and everything in between. The company is a leading media production in live events and streaming having a reputable track record in supporting virtual and hybrid AGMs for companies in Kenya. Contact Video Force at [email protected] and +254701850850 Both videos and live streaming events services provided by this company are satisfactory. They also guide you in the whole process of live streaming and video campaigns


2. C & R Group   

This is a leading share registrar in East Africa (serving Kenya and Uganda) with over 30 years of experience in the market. Under the C & R Digital Platform, they innovated a remote AGM System that enables companies to hold virtual AGMs.   

3. Image Registrars Limited 

The company provides secretarial and share registration services in Africa. The experience of the company in managing physical AGM enabled them to develop a virtual meeting platform that reflects the live AGM event.  

4. Azeus Convene

Azeus is a global company providing IT solutions across the globe. The company innovated Convene AGM Software for, an end-to-end remote AGM solution simplifying the AGM process from pre- to post-meeting. 

5. Socialive  

Socialive provides a remote AGM platform, a 360 – approach to ensuring that meetings are interactive and hassle-free for companies. 

Bottom Line 

To make the most out of virtual and hybrid AGM services in Kenya, companies must consider defining their meeting goals first and later utilizing technology to elevate them. It’s as simple as putting the cart before the horse. If you need virtual and hybrid AGM services in Kenya, feel free to contact and ask for more information to hold a successful and meaningful meeting. Let’s embrace these new norms in our companies. Call us on 0721314242 or email [email protected]agm live streaming in kenya     

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