Top 5 motion design companies in Kenya


In Kenya, it’s not uncommon to see incredible work from the same studios again and again. However, there are literally a couple of motion design companies around Kenya doing great work. We wanted to share some of our favorite studios that are doing some mind-blowing work.

As a result, we put together a list of 5 awesome motion design studios in Kenya that you probably should know. These studios in Kenya are sure to add some spice back to your branding, websites, or social media platforms. This can also sum up as a list of the best motion design companies in Kenya.


1. Growthpad animation studios

Growthpad Digital is a branding and marketing innovations agency and creative production company in Kenya. Members of Growthpad digital are an integrated collective of designers, artists, storytellers, and digital marketers who believe in the power of collaboration.

They work with a broad range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, film, and entertainment industries in Kenya. Growthpad is an agency with a team that has a lot of passion for storytelling through animation and motion graphics. Their services are diverse and their design approach is unique, but all their work revolves around a love of storytelling. 

 Have a video, motion design, or animation project that needs to be discussed? Contact: Growthpad on 0721314242 or email [email protected]


2. Hueman Studios

Hueman is an integrated creative company in Kenya that believes in the power of design to tell stories and shape experiences. They’ve been at the creative vanguard, solving problems for the nation’s most influential brands in Kenya. Their process prizes collaboration, research, experimentation, laughter, and discovery.


3. Morph Visuals

They combine film, data visualization, photography, motion graphics, research and analysis to come up with beautiful, powerful, and insightful data-driven products and experiences. Whether social media, broadcast, radio, website, mobile applications, etc. they do their research and analysis to establish the best media strategy for their clients. Based on the developed media strategy, they create the platforms and do branding for them to best reflect the client’s image.


4. Sirnare

Sirnare is a team of motion graphic designers who have been delivering beautiful, meaningful branding in Kenya.  Designing channels, IDs, main titles, promos, and more for some of the nation’s biggest influential clients. 


5. Tsunami Studios

The Tsunami Studio is an award-winning creative media studio that offers production in animation, sound, and illustration(concept art, posters, and comics). It has the ambition to create an avenue to tell African animated and illustrated stories for the local and global entertainment market through the power of imagination and cutting-edge content produced by our amazing team of creative artists, ensuring a unique experience and product for each client. Giving every client their own unique place in the market.

In conclusion, in an era where Video has dethroned Content for the crown, motion graphics do the same. By 2020, Cisco predicted that 80% of all internet traffic will be video – so the potential market for your video content is huge. Especially when considering the influential reach the medium has.

Web users spend an average of 19 hours a month watching videos, with 60% of shoppers watching product videos while making decisions to buy, with 174% of shoppers actually making a purchase after watching a video. So with that said, we see, Video and Motion Design is Important for business and companies in Kenya

motion design companies in kenya

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