Top 5 Best Animation companies in Kenya | 2024 Rankings

top 5 animation companies in kenya

Animation companies in Kenya provide production for all sorts of content. It may be a hand-drawn masterpiece of the past, a modern CGI film, a 2D animation or a 3d film, the art of animation has been charming us with captivating characters, stories, and worlds for nearly a long time now. There are a few animation companies in Kenya.


Including video content in your marketing strategy can significantly elevate your engagement and conversion rates. Video has been shown to decrease CPCs and can easily double the average amount of time a person spends on a website. As always, brands and businesses in Kenya are looking for the best animation studios to help them create their next big project.

digital marketing and animated videos for business

What can animated videos do for your business?

  • Convert – Funnel those leads! An explainer video can help score signups, sales, and subscribers faster than ever.
  • Educate People don’t buy what they don’t understand – get your viewers clued-up and asking the right questions.
  • Launch Take your new product, service, or idea into the stratosphere on launch day with a video that says it all!
  • Advertise – We’re experts in reaching new audiences through targeted video ads – put Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to work!
  • Present – Powerpoint is dead – long live video! There’s no better way to kickstart a meeting, conference, or presentation.
  • Fundraise And speaking of kickstarting, video is the perfect way to raise funds for that worthy cause or fresh idea.


Why use animation videos?

  • Attractive Visuals– It is the best way to display content with videos, photos, and sound effects.
  • Shareable Content– You can easily share animation videos through all popular social media platforms.
  • New Customers– There is no better way to link more customers with your services than animation graphics.
  • Clear Message– Animation videos offer the opportunity to help you make your message very clear and fun.


What are the types of animations that you can use to get your message across?

  • Animated Explainer Videos(animated product explainers etc)
  • Animated 3D/2D with Characters (Features characters)
  • Motion graphics(Great for Youtube and social ads when your budget is tight)
  • Typography
  • Infographics

how to distribute animated videos

Where can you use animated videos?

  • Social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • Chat platforms e.g Whatsapp, Telegram, etc
  • Youtube (Advertise, or publish organically)
  • Website(Showcase your products etc)
  • Mobile app on Playstore or AppStore
  • TV adverts & digital billboards
  • Office & In-store display screens

What is the process of creating animation for your business?

  1. Your idea meets the studio – We get together to explore your idea, deliver your schedule, learn about your needs, and ask some exploratory questions.
  2. Concepting – The creative team enters the brainstorming shrine, testing out countless ideas and approaches until it finds the perfect tone, style, and message.
  3. Storyboard A quiet descends over the studio as our writers plunge into the fickle creative abyss of wordsmithing and language wrangling and storyboarding
  4. Production – It’s time to get moving! Our world-class animators bring visuals and dialogue to life, adding character, visual styles, voice over, motion, and graphics
  5. Final Delivery – We have liftoff! We’ll serve you up your video in any format you like.


To help give aspiring brands an idea of the best animation studios in Kenya to partner with for their next project or campaign.  

Full list of the Best animation companies in Kenya

1. Video Force Kenya – Studios.

Video Force is helping brands tell their stories better through engaging visual content. Their work is helping brands tap into the explosive growth of video viewing across the globe, drive sales, and impactfully position themselves as market leaders. The video content/ Animation touchpoints include Content strategy, Content creation and production, Content management, and content distribution. Apart from that they also bring experience that spans the breadth of digital marketing, business development and strategy, Cinematography/animation, marketing operations, and digital optimization in order to tackle their clients’ challenges with pragmatic and implementable solutions. So if you are looking for a full animation and marketing package this is the place to go. Visit here to see some of their case studies:

Contact Video Force on +254701850850 or email [email protected]

Some of Video Force’s notable work:


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2. Growthpad studios

 This company is run by a team of experienced, and driven people who strive to tell authentic African stories by creating innovative, professional, and high-quality content. They specialize in both 2D & 3D animation, Motion Graphics, and Illustrations. They offer exceptional service with a keen eye to detail and a focus on audience-oriented content.To contact Growthpad:

email – [email protected] and call 0721314242

3. Fatboy Animations

As a professional Motion Graphic Design Studio based in Nairobi Kenya, Fatboy Animations LTD offers a vast range of animation services. Since the establishment of the studio in 2010, they have been perfecting the craft and experimenting with different artistic disciplines. Their team of animators works continually, developing their unique and innovative artistic style.

4. Hueman Studios

Hueman Studios is a production company specializing in motion graphics and animation. They develop & execute branded content for broadcast & interactive digital media. Upfront intros, TV show packages, promos, broadcast commercials, launch IDs, toolkits, feature ?lm titles, music videos, logo design, web videos, end tag.

5. Morph Visuals

Morph Visuals, is a robust creative agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. They structure effective digital communication strategies and come up with impactful and creative digital campaigns for brands, products, and organizational programs.The team of creatives includes designers, data analysts, film makers, photographers and motion designers with background in Computer Science, Public Relations, film and photography. They transform brands and products in the digital space by coming up with well-thought-of strategies that aim to take your product/brand to the next level.

top animation and motion design company kenya

This is an in-depth article on the most prominent animation studios in Kenya. We have created this list of the best animation studios in Kenya for you to review. Read through company descriptions, visit the company websites for more descriptions, check their former clients, and notable projects to find the best fit for your business.

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