Top 5 Best Live streaming Companies in Kenya


Looking for the Best and most reliable Live Streaming Companies in Kenya? Here is a guide for you. This will help you know what to expect in this given industry, so you can effectively pursue your intended objective.


What is live streaming?

Live streaming combines and shares multiple media content types like videos, pictures, PowerPoints, etc cetera on the internet in real-time so that people can watch it as a live broadcast of content. It is a method of data transmission over the internet in real-time. The live stream can be viewed through various devices and engagement with the audience is in real-time.  It is a good way for a corporate or individual brand to connect with their audience in real-time whether it is teaching something, hosting a Q&A, broadcasting a live performance, TV broadcast, hosting a webinar, hosting an interview, launching a product, doing a review, or any other ideal method of connecting with the audience. 

Why do you need to employ live streaming for your business?

When you need to explain a product or service, live streaming is an ideal channel. This is because online video consumption is increasing globally year on year. According to Cisco, by 2022 online videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Additionally, according to Hubspot 72% of consumers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. Here are 5 other reasons why your business should be live streaming:  

  1. Videos build trust towards your brand 
    Trust is built because when a viewer can put a face to a brand it feels more transparent and real in comparison to written content or other marketing collateral. Additionally, video humanizes a brand in ways no other medium can.  People buy from people they like and if you can humanize the brand and they like the face behind it then they will do business with you. 
  2. Live video creates authentic engagement
    The rate of commenting, sharing, and liking a video among other engagement activities is normally higher for live-streamed videos in comparison to recorded videos. This is because you can interact with your audience authentically in real-time which prompts them to keep the interaction going. Additionally, people watch a live-streamed video longer than Video on Demand content. 
  3. Increased brand love from employees and brand loyalty from customers
    When employees participate in the live streaming events of the company and become stars in the eyes of customers they feel more connected to the brands that they are promoting. Furthermore, the customers no longer see the brand as an impersonal corporate but as a group of real people, you can interact with. This builds stronger relationships with customers and boosts brand loyalty.  
  4. Easy and cheaper to produce compared to VOD content 
    Netizens expect VOD content to be perfect however, they do not carry the same expectations for live-streamed videos. After all, they know that you are not a paid actor but are simply being yourself. For this reason, expensive camera equipment is not always needed and neither is much post-production.  Once you master the basics of live streaming the process becomes second nature
  5. Audience insights
    During a live stream, you can test concepts and ideas and get real-time instant feedback! The viewership and engagement can give you an instant feel for how the audience is responding to something and one can more easily intuitively understand their audience based on subtle cues from then that can only be picked up during real-time interactions.   

What are the commonly used platforms available for live streaming companies in Kenya?

The purpose of Live Streaming platforms is to simply host live broadcasts. Many live streaming companies in Kenya, use these platforms for live streaming purposes. We are going to highlight 8 free live streaming website platforms in Kenya that are commonly used for their live streaming services:

Platform Application
Facebook Live Live Streaming on Facebook
Instagram Live Live Streaming on Instagram
LinkedIn Live Live Streaming on LinkedIn
Periscope (By Twitter) Live Streaming on Twitter
YouTube Live YouTube live streaming platform 
Vimeo “Simulcasting”/ Live streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously e.g. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, and Periscope. 
Twitch Lives streaming on specific interests / in specific niches. Primarily, it is an Amazon-owned interest-based streaming platform across various lifestyle niches with the highest number of Twitch users being gamers. 
TikTok Live streaming for short-form mobile videos 

Live streaming in kenya

What equipment do you need for live streaming?

Now that we know that you can live stream free, to get started, you need at least 3 basic pieces of equipment:

  1. A camera –  This can be your webcam, phone camera, or any other kind of camera. For a phone camera and other kinds of cameras, it is best to use a tripod to make the video steady. 
  2. A microphone can be your computer’s internal microphone, phone microphone, or external microphone. Depending on what you want to accomplish with your stream, this will inform the kind of microphone required. 
  3. LightingGood lighting is key! If your audience cannot see you, it beats the purpose of the live stream. Lighting is an important element in your live stream. 

Step by step live streaming guide for an event in Kenya

Before engaging  live streaming companies in Kenya, here are the 9 main things you need to understand and do to ensure your live stream event is a success:

  1. Defining your goals  
    What are you trying to accomplish? Is it to share your story? Increase your sales? Increase awareness for your brand, product, or service? Position yourself as an authority in your niche? Build your following? You have to clearly define why you want to do a live stream before hitting the live broadcast button. 
  2. Define your target audience and message 
    Who are you trying to reach and what will your message to them be? Your target audience will determine what platforms, days, times, and communication methods you will use. For example, you will hardly find an individual in their 50s on TikTok at midnight on a Friday. Additionally, an overly playful communication tone will not appeal to them.
    A well-defined audience and message will allow you to plan your platforms and communication in ways that they will resonate with. Do not wait until you are live streaming to decide what your message to your Target Audience will be. 
  3. Decide your platform(s) 
    We highlighted 8 platforms earlier, however, each platform is ideal for specific audiences and goals. If your following is the highest on one platform in comparison to the others, by all means, use that platform. However, sometimes you may want to use a combination of platforms for optimum reach. This decision should be guided by where your followers “hang out” the most frequently and what your goals are. For example, TikTok serves short videos thus if you want to do a live-streamed interview it would not be the ideal platform. 
  4. Choose your equipment  
    What will you use? Will it be your PC’s webcam? Will it be an external webcam? Will you use your mobile phone’s camera? What about sound and lighting? Will you need to purchase extra lighting? Will the internal microphone of your PC suffice or will you need to purchase an external one? It is wise to determine the equipment that you will require beforehand. You do not want to find out your lighting is inadequate during the live stream.
  5. Do dry run 
    Yes, you need to rehearse! You do not want to face unforeseen technical issues during the live stream. Rehearsing prior will change the status of your technical issues from unforeseen to anticipated. If you know what to expect, you can work around the anticipated issues or find an ideal solution at a good time. 
  6. Brief all guests in advance 
    If your live stream will have guests, prep them on everything that they need to know beforehand. This will mitigate awkward and silent moments during the live stream ensuring that everything flows seamlessly.
  7. Check your Audio, internet connection, and power 
    The worst thing that can happen is to have bad audio and bad internet during a Livestream. Additionally, insufficiently charged devices can throw a spanner in the works. It is best to ensure that you have enough internet bandwidth, power, and great audio. 
  8. Monitoring during the live stream 
    Have a monitoring assistant during the Livestream noting and curating your audiences’ sentiments, questions, comments, and requests that will require your addressing during the live event. This is important as you will not have the time to run the event and also pay attention to every comment being shared by your audience. However, you will need to brief your monitoring assistant in advance on what to look out for and bring to your attention. 
  9. Post streaming 
    To stay connected with your audience, it is best to follow up and thank them for their time. In addition to that, it will also be a great opportunity to alert them about your next live-stream event and where they need to access the needed materials. 

If you adhere to the above 9 steps you will be well on your way to live streaming in Kenya success.


Top Live Streaming Companies in Kenya.

Learning how to live stream may be intimidating, but it’s insanity to ignore the marketing opportunities and advantages it creates for your brand and company. Want to engage Livestreaming Experts in Kenya to help you reach a greater audience? Here are the best and most reliable companies offering Live Streaming Services in Kenya.

Livestreaming companies in kenya


1. Video Force Kenya

Video Force Kenya has been in the video production industry for years now and has vast experience in aspects of the video production industry in Kenya. It provides affordable live sound, lighting, video, photography, stage design, and webcasting services for corporate events. They focus on the details of the entire event to serve their clients to the fullest potential and work as a team to conquer the client’s video production needs and increase the attendee’s experience. It serves a diverse client base – fulfilling their marketing & storytelling needs through the creation of innovative still, video & motion content.

Video Force Production Team is pushing the boundaries for video & television innovation & creativity at a time when the industry is rapidly changing.

If you would like to see some of their case studies visit here:  Contact Video Force Kenya on +254721314242 or email [email protected]

Video Force11 | Live streaming companies in Kenya

Video Force team on a recent Live stream set


2. Tek Productions

Tek Productions is a full-service video & photography company. They focused on bringing television broadcast-quality live streaming to your business, conference, or event. They supply the crew (Camera Operators, Audio Engineers, Stream Technicians, Video Graphics Technicians, Teleprompter Operators, Lighting Technicians, Multicam Directors, Producers, etc), and support equipment (cameras, lenses, tripods, televisions, audio mixers, PA systems, wireless microphones, streaming computers, graphics computers, teleprompters, teleprompter computers, lights, stands, light modifiers, video switchers, video routers, etc).


3. Elite Media

Elite Medias is a full-service production company, specializing in corporate video, ENG crews, multi-camera, event recording, conferences, live-streaming, and corporate media creation. Services Include – Virtual graduations, Virtual conferences, ENG multi-camera session coverage – Live mixing for IMAG or Live stream – Audio Engineers – Professional Lighting – Complete Live Stream services in Kenya.


4. Mint Glint Media

At Mint Glint, they offer more than just live streaming services, their solutions are end-to-end teleconferencing solutions with reliable and dedicated internet connectivity anywhere in Kenya. Video production for live streaming requires specialized knowledge and capabilities. Over a period of time, they have invested in quality software and hardware and assembled a team that is experienced and well skilled that delivers a reliable service in the most demanding environments.


5. 360 Imaging

360 Imaging offers live streaming of events such as Weddings, Conferences, and Annual General Meetings to the platform of your choice. These include but are not limited to Facebook, Youtube, and Ustream. Their prices vary depending on the nature of the event.


Do you have an event and you want to reach a greater audience through live streaming services? Feel free to reach out to us for more information about how you can pivot live streaming for your business’s success and learn more ways that video marketing can work wonders for your business. Call us on 0721314242 or email [email protected]

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