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For leading and emerging brands, marketing Automation has become a proven way to scale their ability to engage, nurture and convert prospects into customers.

There are many options for marketing automation platforms, and they all have the goal to move contacts through personalized customer journeys that keep individuals engaged with your brand and sales process.

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In addition to helping build your top-line revenue, marketing automation technology brings a number of other benefits to your marketing program:

● Frees up your team from repetitive tasks
● Allows centralized management of email, web, social and other marketing channels
● Consolidates reporting to provide visibility into overall marketing performance Many clients come to Growthpad having already invested in a platform, or with a plan to make a purchase soon.

In either case, our initial focus is not on the technology itself, but on the strategies that you’ll need to have in place in order to get the most out of your new marketing automation system. We call it strategy before funnels.

Before automating anything, Growthpad will collaborate with your team to achieve the following:

● Analyze your sales cycle and optimize marketing and sales touchpoints throughout the funnel
● Define lead scoring methodology and identify actions which trigger hand-offs between internal teams
● Determine appropriate workflows to support the buyer’s journey for your ideal customer profile and target personas
● Audit the configuration of your current marketing software to determine gaps and identify improvement opportunities
● Support your team in re-configuring your marketing automation platform to enable the marketing and sales strategy that your team agrees on

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