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With strategic planning and timing your brand or product could be the talk of social media! We like to call it the snowball effect.

By placing your product in the hands of the right influencers, the buzz on social media will start to grow. As your brand or product shoots up the rankings, organic users will start interacting.

Everyone wants to be in on the latest trend! We collaborate with influencers of all sizes to create evergreen content that increases brand awareness, earns attention, and inspires action.

How we do it:

Influencer selection

Thanks to our in-house data team, we have tools and software that enable us to successfully determine the authenticity of an influencer’s audience. We will not work with an influencer who’s following is under 95% authentic, meaning you don’t need to worry about bots and fake followers.

Campaign reporting and measurement

We create bespoke dashboards that allow our clients to access real-time results. Our post-campaign analysis focuses on awareness, attention, and action. We collate fan interactions to determine brand sentiment before, during, and after our campaigns as well as providing ROI on spend.

Influencer relations

We pride ourselves on our humanised approach to influencer relations. We are experts at building and maintaining relationships with some of the best creators in the world. Our little black book is composed of micro-influencers through to social superstars and celebrities. Our connections are unrivalled.

Influencer seeding and gifting

We create bespoke seeding campaigns that get your product into the hands of the correct influencers. We have proven success in creating brand affinity in a cost-effective way.

Influencer marketing campaign management

We manage influencer campaigns from start to finish. From contracting the influencers to signing off on content before it goes live. We take our clients’ KPIs and select the right influencer, with the right story, on the right platform to achieve specific brand goals.

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