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We dig deep and perform competitor, market, and trend research to provide strong roots for digital growth. We offer comprehensive consumer research for businesses and brands that cuts across the following verticals:

Our digital audit looks into your digital landscape in full length; website’s architecture, social media accounts, PPC campaigns, email marketing, and much more. We can focus on helping you improve everything digital within your company’s framework, such as ensuring your website has valuable content – which can provide you with three times the leads that paid search advertising does. We use some of the most profound analytical and assessment tools available. This means that we do much more than just scraping the surface – we dig deep and thoroughly audit anything and everything we can get our hands-on. All done in the name of helping your business to keep running smoothly.

Your digital strategy should be the strongest aspect of your marketing solution; if it’s not, you’re a serious risk of losing your audience to your competitors. Think of it like this – you wouldn’t launch a product without some form of process in place beforehand. Not only is that asking for trouble during the launch, but you also risk the reputation of your business if the launch doesn’t go to plan.

How much do you really know about your ideal customer? How old are they? Profession? What do they enjoy? Without persona design, it’s hard to know. Did you know that building customer personas can offer approximately a 73% higher conversion rate? Understanding what your ideal audience looks like is imperative to succeeding in business. You need to know what their vices are in order to satisfy them, and any extra information that you can compile about them is always helpful when targeting them with your products or services.
Target With Precision: You will be able to use these personas to target your audience in a wide variety of marketing materials; websites, content marketing, sales, advertising…the list is endless. Knowing who your buyers also help you to make the most of your marketing automation processes – vital for future growth!

Knowing every step your customers take before converting allows you to know which areas you need to be focusing on. This increased insight gives you the best possible chance of increasing conversions, providing your business with efficiency gains of between 15% and 30%. As modern customers are evolving into unstructured, fast, and digital buyers, getting into their minds will help you to stay ahead of the competition. We’re here to help you understand how your audience is
interacting with your online marketing, and spot hidden opportunities that you could be taking advantage of – especially when it comes to encouraging conversions.

Whether it’s consumer or business-led, competitor and market research can transform your business strategy. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends allows you to better nurture your leads, which can lead to 50% more sales. We deliver insightful business-to-business reports, brand and advertising analysis, competitor market research, and qualitative or quantitative analytics so you have actionable, data-driven results which matter.

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