Digital PR

Our digital PR expertise is grounded in finding a connection, a storyline, or a headline that enables our brand partners to have repeated, trusted moments across media and the marketplace.

Growthpad offers a variety of online public relations services to complement and enhance the traditional PR efforts of your organization.

We often implement a mix of strategies including brand monitoring, online reputation management, and optimized press releases and we are happy to create a customized solution based on your business needs and objectives.

Digital press coverage – Through our extensive relationships and networks with blogs, influencers, reviewers, and other digital media outlets we do ensure your brand is visible whether you are launching or growing.

Online Brand monitoring – We develop a cohesive online brand monitoring plan based on your unique business and report the conversation back to you.

Online Reputation Management – Bad press and mistakes can sometimes be incredibly hard to handle. We can help with brand issues and search results online.

Some of our insights on digital marketing

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