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Growthpad Performance Index

The Growthpad digital performance index(DPI) helps organizations gauge their digital maturity, therefore, uncovering weaknesses and strengths, and determining whether their digital performance is lacking or imbalanced

The 4 Building Blocks evaluated by DPI


  • Business strategy driven by digital – Aligning business strategy with digital.
  • Digitizing the coreCustomer offer. Operations. Support functions.
  • Digital growth imperativesHow responsive an organization is to digital at scale.
  • Enabling ecosystemsChange in ways of working. Leveraging the power of technology and data in decision making. Integrating ecosystems.

Responses to the questionnaire help determine which category of digital maturity your organization falls on. The following are the levels of digital maturity:

At this stage of digital maturity organizations have IT support but hardly find a link between digital and business processes.

At this stage, a need for digitization is discovered and the organization starts to fill the gaps. Departments and business strategy are digitized but they operate in silos

At this maturity stage, the business functions and IT work jointly and are performing optimally.

Digital is embedded throughout the entire company, including in its innovation, value proposition, technology, and operations. The organization outperforms its peers in key digital metrics, and digital is seen as the key driver of the company’s value. Digital strategy and a roadmap are defined. Digital initiatives contribute to strategy and clear value is added.