Influencer Marketing in Kenya: Picking The Right Influencer for Your Brand

In recent years, influencer marketing in Kenya has witnessed a remarkable surge, proving to be a lucrative avenue for businesses. Despite the success stories, a prevailing challenge continues to impede many brands: the task of selecting an influencer who aligns seamlessly with your brand’s values and goals.

Process of selecting the right influencer

Picking the ideal influencer is not based solely on follower count; the reality is more intricate, requiring careful consideration and may necessitate expert guidance.

Consider this; with over 17.86 million online users in Kenya actively seeking information, products, or entertainment, it is no surprise that your competitors are leveraging social media’s most recognisable faces for promotion.

As one of the fast-rising and widely embraced forms of advertising in Kenya, influencer marketing has the potential to either make or break your brand, depending on careful considerations in influencer selection.

In this blog, we will shed light on influencer marketing in Kenya and guide you on how your brand can maintain competitiveness using this powerful marketing approach.

What is Influencer Marketingin Kenya?

Influencer marketing

Answering this question may first require an understanding of who an influencer is and how you can differentiate between the two terms.

An influencer is an individual who possesses a dedicated following within a specific niche and wields the ability to impact decisions.

Beyond marketing, an influencer serves as a valuable social relationship asset, enabling businesses to engage in collaborative efforts to reach their target audience.

Influencer marketing on the other hand is a form of online advertising that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers to market a brand.

Common Types of Influencer Marketing in Kenya

types of influencer marketing campaigns

The following are types of influencer marketing that have been widely and successfully employed by businesses in Kenya.

Brand Ambassadors

Similar to an influential societal figure, a brand ambassador wields significant influence over their audience’s perceptions and choices regarding specific services or products.

A brand ambassador is perceived as a trusted source of information by their followers, creating a valuable opportunity for brands to leverage their influence and cultivate enduring relationships with customers.

Affiliate Campaigns

Affiliate campaigns involve the utilization of unique links, typically shared by influencers on their social media platforms. 

When individuals purchase through these links, the affiliate marketer earns a predetermined commission.

Themed Campaigns

A themed campaign involves coordinated marketing efforts centred on seasonal or holiday-related topics.

Aligning your products or services with a specific theme enhances the overall appeal and facilitates a clearer understanding for potential customers, thus increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Events Activations

Event activations represent a distinctive type of marketing campaign wherein brands collaborate with celebrities and social media influencers to promote an upcoming event. 

This strategic partnership leverages various mediums such as videos, photos, and social media content to generate awareness and drive sales effectively.

Influencer Marketing in Kenya: The Process of Picking Ideal Influencer for Your Brand

choosing an ideal influencer

Now, let’s get into the business of the day; how can you pick an influencer who seamlessly aligns with your brand and its goals?

Most, if not all successful influencer marketing campaigns follow the below guidelines when selecting the ideal influencer.

Analyze the Niche and Reach of Potential Influencers

Analyzing potential influencers is crucial when evaluating whether their niche and reach align with your brand. 

A thorough assessment of an influencer includes assessing whether their niche and reach complement the core offerings of your brand.

For instance, if a tour campaign focuses on unique off-the-beaten-path adventures or luxurious travel experiences, it is crucial to partner with a travel influencer whose content aligns with the brand’s essence.

These factors allow businesses to collaborate with influencers who resonate with their goals, ensuring an impactful campaign.

Have an Outline of Your Campaign Goals

Before collaborating with an influencer, it is crucial to establish clear campaign goals or metrics. Ensure that these objectives are documented and tracked consistently, either at the campaign’s conclusion or throughout its progress.

Monitoring your influencer marketing campaigns in alignment with your objectives enables you to make essential tweaks and enhance the campaign for improved results.

Prioritize Engagement Rate Over High Following

One common mistake made by many businesses is hastily choosing an influencer solely based on their large following.

A not highly advisable way of selection.

For example, you can pick an influencer with a handful of loyal and engaging followers rather than indifferent followers with high numbers, who are likely not to convert.

Select Only Relevant Influencers

For the content to connect with the intended influencer audience, high engagement and a substantial following are essential.

This ensures that the campaign aligns with the interests and preferences of the audience the brand is targeting.

Choose an Influencer with Whom You Share Values

Opt for an influencer whose values and principles align with yours. This choice ensures that the influencer not only promotes your brand but also shares a mutual understanding of core values.

For example, if your brand is gender-conscious, you wouldn’t want to collaborate with an influencer who holds different views and beliefs on the same.

Wrap-Up – An Ideal Influencer Could Be Your Brand’s Missing Piece

Influencer marketing in Kenya - be competitive with the right influencer

While the influx of social media personalities has brought a refreshing shift from the dominance of celebrities and a select few famous bloggers, the current saturated market poses a challenge in identifying and collaborating with the right influencer.

Given this saturation, assessing and settling on the right influencer has become a hurdle. However, with the aforementioned tips, businesses can choose the ideal profile to work with more easily.

But there’s no need to go through a cumbersome process of picking and selecting when you can focus on your core business as seasoned influencer marketers, such as Influence Now, a subsidiary of Growthpad Digital Consulting, take care of the rest.

Let’s have a chat about your next influencer campaign.

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