Top 5 Best HR Management Software in Kenya

Top 5 Best HR Management Software in Kenya

Looking to enhance human resource operations in your organization? Read on for a comprehensive look at the best HR management software in Kenya.


What Is Human Resource Management Software?

The events of 2020 have resulted in a phenomenon dubbed the digital explosion. Our sudden reliance on digital tools has only escalated the already rapid adoption of technology in almost every aspect of modern life.HR hasn’t gone untouched. While payroll management systems have been in use for the better part of the past couple of decades, now, you’d be at odds to find an aspect of human resource management that isn’t digitized.As HR departments continue to deal with growing responsibilities and increased complexity in their work, solutions have arisen in the form of software.HR Management Software programs – also dubbed as HRIS – automate HR activities. Therefore, they make the crucial task of managing people more feasible.

Key Features of a Good HR Management Software

Before choosing from our roundup of the best HR management software in Kenya, it’s important to go over some attributes you should consider.


Integration, the ability to use one tool with another or a set of others, is an important factor to evaluate. HR management software that can integrate with other software or scaled across different devices/environments would be a good choice.This is partly attributed to the variance in capabilities of HRIS. You may find great software that would be easy to implement but lacks certain features you need. Still, if it checks the integration check-box, you don’t have to forgo it. You can use it with the other integrated tools to make up for any shortcomings the otherwise stellar HRIS may have. 

Applicant Tracking

The most vital function of HR management is to find the right talent to match an organization’s needs. Thus, when choosing an HR management software system, you should go for one that offers applicant tracking.

The ideal software will have end-to-end functionality, enabling you to:

  • create job postings
  • accept applications 
  • manage applicants’ documents 
  • obtain analytical data on job seekers
  • onboard new employees

Performance Management

Depending on the size of the workforce you manage, manually keeping track of everyone’s work and how it ties to their targets and remuneration can be a challenge. A good HR management software is capable of connecting these dots together, establishing a clear path from performance to pay.

Benefits Administration

Another important area to focus on is how well an HRIS can help you manage each employee from the point of onboarding to the benefits due to them long after they’ve left the company.Ideally, you should be able to create unique user-profiles and keep track of a person’s role, duties, pay rises, promotions and pensions as well as other key data.

Online Learning

Continuous development of an organization’s workforce should be a primary concern. One way to action this, particularly in present times, is by availing courses and similar learning materials. A comprehensive HR management software will have this as part of its offering, making it possible for employees to acquire new skills, polish up on what they already know and keep discovering new ideas to help them achieve their full potential. As part of this, the feature set might include progress tracking, grading and certification.

Reasons to Consider an HRIS for Your Business in Kenya

With cost implications being a major concern for organizations both big and small, it’s perfectly understandable to question the need for HR management software.If you’re wondering whether or not to invest in these tools, let’s examine the potential benefits you stand to accrue.Time-Saving: HR management software automates many aspects of everyday HR workloads, reducing the amount of time needed to get work done.Efficiency: Automating your HR duties using software that matches your needs can help minimize errors that would arise when working manually. Consequently, this optimization of processes then results in greater efficiency.Self-service: Certain employee attributes can be managed directly by them and the benefit is two-fold. On one hand, employees get more control over their information while enjoying convenience. On the other, the HR department decreases part of the workload. It’s a definite win-win for everyone.Competitive Edge: To stay ahead of the competition, you need to not only attract but also retain the top talent in your industry. With good HR management software, you can better manage your organization’s human resources, thereby gaining an edge. Employee Development: As mentioned above, HRIS provides an opportunity to grow and develop employees. As part of your employee development efforts, you can offer rewards, set up team-building challenges and provide useful resources to motivate and inspire your organization’s workforce.

Top HR Management Software in Kenya 

Oracle Human Resources

Whether you have a small, medium or large company, Oracle offers a host of capabilities. These include end-to-end HR management, payroll as well as workflows aligned with industry/union standards. Moreover, you benefit from Oracle’s global coverage that spans no less than 200 countries. 

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP is a well-established leader in enterprise planning software. SuccessFactors, its human capital management product builds on SAP’s successful cloud deployment. The result is an HRIS offering that particularly excels in performance management. Some of its core features include organization charts and goal setting. It is also available on mobile applications. Ideally, SuccessFactors is suited for teams of five to 500 employees.


Automatic Data Processing, Inc. better known as ADP provides payroll, human capital management and outsourcing services around the world. Its HR management software, ADP Workforce Now is a comprehensive set of tools designed to handle payroll, time and attendance, talent management, benefits administration, and more. All this is housed on a single database whose data can be synced and protected by a host of security features.ADP’s offerings are segmented into local and multinational services depending on the country. Both of these should be available in Kenya.

Sage People

Sage People is envisioned as an all-in-one human resource solution. In Kenya, it is available as Sage 300 People featuring integrated payroll, HR management, customization for each user and stability thanks to its SQL design. 


BambooHR brings together a host of numerous features and capabilities in one easy-to-use interface. While it is generally pricier compared to some other HRIS tools, BambooHR is widely regarded as being among the best, making it worth the cost. Some of its capabilities include employee onboarding, applicant tracking, time-off tracking and attendance management. It also offers a free trial.To sum up, automated tools provide a range of benefits as well as capabilities. Each of the top 5 HR management software in Kenya has its own strengths that make it more ideal for a certain kind of organization. Ultimately, the one you choose should come down to how well it meets your HR department’s needs. 

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