Top 5 Learning Management Systems (LMS) Providers In Kenya

leading learning management systems in kenya

You’d agree that the Kenyan professional industry is under an unrelenting revolution. The impact? A constant need for your employees to adapt, keep up, and even stay ahead of the trends. So, it’s not surprising industry leaders are aggressively exploiting Learning Management Systems for their workplace training, upskilling, and re-skilling. LMS are cost/time-effective; they enable fast learning; can reduce staff turnovers, just to mention a few. But… There are many learning management systems providers in Kenya claiming to be the best; how do you actually cherry-pick the best ones? Well, we did the heavy lifting for you!


Advantages of Using LMS in Your Organization

learning management systems providers in Kenya - benefits

Enhance management and enhance consistency

An efficient Learning Management System provides an administrator or manager with all the tools they need to track and measure the learning process. Moreover, you can easily ensure consistency in the delivery of training and quality since learners get to access the same resources.

Save money and time

LMS eliminates the need for physical training, which is often expensive and less trackable. By organizing e-learning training courses and giving learners the liberty to study anywhere and on their own time, LMS prove to be time and cost-effective.

Customizable learning

Learning Management Systems can be customized to meet your specific organizational needs. They can be tailored to address unique employee learning styles and courses can target specific skills, and competencies.

Provides accurate data

An LMS provides data analytics, allowing you to track the progress of your employees and evaluate training program effectiveness. You can use the resulting information to identify areas for improvement and modify training programs accordingly.

How To Choose An LMS Provider In Kenya

how to choose the right lms provider in kenya

Assess your training needs

Knowing your training goals will help you narrow down your search for a fitting LMS provider. Determine the type of training programs you want, the number of learners you have, and the types of content you wish to provide. Some LMS implementors create systems for specific industries, while some provide e-learning platforms for wide niches, thus pick the most suitable one for your organization.

Security and privacy

The LMS provider should have robust security measures to protect your organization’s data and the personal information of your learners. Consider the LMS provider’s security certifications, data encryption methods, and data protection policies.

Lean towards scalability

Your organization isn’t static, right? To allow room for flexibility select an LMS provider that’s able to scale up or down to accommodate your organization’s changing needs. Consider whether the LMS implementor can handle a growing number of users and whether it can adapt to changes in your organization’s training needs.

Provider’s support and maintenance capabilities

A notable LMS provider will provide comprehensive customer support and training to ensure that your organization gets the most out of a Learning Management System. Consider whether the provider offers reliable support, whether there’s a dedicated account manager, and whether they give any further maintenance.

Leading LMS Providers in Kenya


  1. Sqillsuite – Best overall LMS provider
  2. mElimu – Good LMS for mobile phones
  3. Kenya Institute of Management – Great for individuals
  4. Attain Enterprise Solutions LTD – Top LMS in education industry
  5. Duvoski Solutions Management – Great new LMS provider

Best LMS Providers In Kenya

comparison of top 5 LMS providers in kenya | learning management systems in Kenya

1. Sqillsuite

Sqillsuite is a learning management system, designed to cater to organizations seeking to enhance their workforce’s capabilities. It boasts a robust suite of employee training modules and a vibrant marketplace of courses.

With Sqillsuite, organizations gain the ability to monitor user progress in real-time, providing invaluable insights into both individual and team performance.

 Additionally, the platform offers a scalable e-learning environment, empowering trainers and content creators to showcase their expertise.

This versatility ensures that learners have access to a diverse range of opportunities for skill enhancement, making their learning experience both dynamic and enriching.

To contact Sqillsuite for a demo or RFP response please contact; [email protected] or call +254701850850.

2. mElimu

mElimu prides itself on helping organizations rise above the challenges that come with establishing and tracking learning curves. The LMS company spans industries like NGOs, corporates, higher education institutions, and more, therefore they’re pretty flexible. mElimu primarily focuses on mobile-friendly Learning Management Systems, which are ideal if you’re looking for smooth on-the-go learning experiences.

3. Kenya Institute of Management

The Kenya Institute of Management is a non-profit organization keen on spurring excellence in management. As a management consultancy and capacity-building company, KIM’s Learning Management System provides individuals with certification courses to steer them to success. While they also offer LSM for businesses, KIM is more tailored toward individuals who desire to explore learning opportunities on a membership basis.

4. Attain Enterprise Solutions LTD

Attain Enterprise Solutions LTD roots itself in the philosophy of ‘bringing IT to the corporate world’. The company specializes in software development, systems support, and I.T. consultancy. They have also provided LMS solutions for private, government, and NGO companies.

5. Duvoski Solutions Management

Duvoski Solutions Management poses itself as a champion in helping enterprises and individuals sharpen their educational and vocational skills. For its Learning Management Systems, the firm focuses on curriculum mapping, assessment methods, learner management, and a few more.

Conclusion – Most Reliable Learning Management System Providers In Kenya

choosing a suitabe LMS provider


A Learning Management System is a result-inspiring investment, and you need to make sure that you get it right from the onset. With these reputable LMS companies, you’d be able to inspire, manage, and track learning progress in your teams through a seamless online learning path. Just make sure to communicate your goals and requirements with the provider to have a modern learning system that works best for you. 

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