Top 5 sound companies in Kenya with affordable sound and public address systems for hire

op 5 sound companies in Kenya with affordable sound and public address systems for hire(2022)

Imagine a world where sound does not exist or never existed, unfathomable and boring right? That is how an event would be without the proper and booming sound system. That is where sound companies in Kenya come in. Regardless of the event type, the best way to ensure the event is a success is to definitely go out of your way and involve the best sound or PA system for hire. This would include reinforcement systems for live music and performances, plus equipment for the reproduction of speech. 

In today’s post, we will be looking at the difference between a sound system and a public address system, what you need to know before you hire for such services and the top sound companies in Kenya that provide such. Let us dive right in. 




What is the difference between a sound system and a public address system?

what is the difference between a sound system and a public address systemConventionally, when you hire a sound company in Kenya they should and will come equipped with a sound system, but what does that entail exactly? One would think or presume that a sound system and a public address system are the same things. Well, yes and no. They fall under the same category but public address systems are a branch of the sound systems.  A public address system is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. It increases the apparent volume of a human voice, musical instrument, or other acoustic sound source or recorded sound or music. These include microphones, amplifiers speakers etc. Whereas a sound system involves recording and reproducing sound. There are different sound companies in Kenya that provide both a public address system and a sound system. In most cases, they come hand in hand unless the customer advises otherwise. Here is a list of companies that offer sound systems for hire in Nairobi.

Important points to consider before hiring for a sound system in Kenya  

important points to consider before hiring for a sound system in KenyaYou probably have an event coming up and need to rent sound but you are not conversant with what would work best for you. Other than considering the right sound systems for hire, you should be on the lookout for what will work best for your event and budget. Here is some sound advice for you. 

Size of the PA or Sound system 

You can not miss finding affordable public address system prices in Kenya. Before hiring them you should consider the size of your venue, the number of people in the audience and whether you will have a live band/ live instruments or a DJ are all determinants of how the size of equipment you hire. For a small venue and a crowd of 100 people or less, a small PA of two speakers will do. As your venue size increases you will have to add more speakers. Being outdoors will require a more powerful PA or more speakers. Take note that more speakers don’t automatically mean better or louder sounds! The sound company you hire or your technical partner will be able to advise you accordingly, be sure to specify all the above-mentioned factors.

Mixing desk or console

The mixing desk or console is essentially the heart of the sound system and can really make or break the event. It controls the volume of all the instruments and microphones plugged into it. The desk also controls the levels sent out to the different outputs or speakers. For the correct fit, count how many microphones, instruments or other things you need to plug into the desk. This is referred to as the number of channels needed. The more things you need to plug in, the bigger the mixing console/desk you will need to rent.It is also worth considering the fact that bands will need auxiliary outputs for their monitor mix. Simply put, these are the special outputs that are used by the band to hear themselves and have their own mix separate from what the audience is hearing. It’s best to ask the band for this information. Mixing desks fall into 2 categories: digital desks and analogue desks.  Analogue desks are widely used and are still very prominent with digital desks gaining popularity. The sound technician or the band will mainly determine whether you go digital or analogue.

Preparing for a band or DJ

So you would like to have some live music from your favourite band or get the best affordable DJ to mix tunes to keep your guests entertained. There are a few things to consider before doing so. When preparing for a band you need to determine if they will be bringing their own instruments or if will you have to provide for them. Instruments are typically referred to as backlines. The basic backline includes a drum kit with cymbals, bass amp, lead amp and keyboards.  The musicians are the ones who usually bring their own guitars but it is always worthwhile making sure that this is the case. The band will need monitors. Monitors are speakers that are placed on the floor or on stands for the musicians to be able to hear themselves.When preparing for a DJ, determine if will be coming with their own CDJs or Dj controller. This is up to the DJ’s preference. The main difference is that CDJs are stand-alone and the DJ can insert a USB or CDs into them and mix. With the controller, all the music is on a laptop and the controller is actually controlling software on the laptop. Don’t forget the DJ will most likely also need a monitor so make sure also to include this in the discussions with your technical partner. 

Power plugs and backup power

You would not want a situation where power goes out at the event. That would be quite embarrassing! It is important to remember that all sound equipment requires power. So once you have the equipment, check if you will have enough power points at the venue. Also, consider the number of power extension cables needed to power the equipment, and prepare them accordingly. Ensure to fully charge the batteries of all battery-powered equipment. For non-rechargeable batteries, always put in a fresh set of batteries before the event starts. Your event is set to be a win if you take these into consideration. 

The top 5 sound companies in Kenya

It is highly recommended to get affordable sound systems for hire for your next event, there are many service providers of this kind but here are the top 5.

GDC Events 

Undoubtedly, Growthpad Digital Consulting Events should be your number one choice of sound companies in Kenya! With unmatched industry experience, diverse teams, world-class experience and dedicated professional project management; they rank quite undefeated in the game. They provide unmatched quality sound, lighting, and stage services for your corporate event. This means you don’t have to source from multiple vendors to acquire the right screens, sounds, etc, they’ve got it all! Visit their website to spot who they have worked with in the past. Give them a ring today at +254701850850 / +254721314242.

Neevy Entertainment 

When searching for a sound system for hire, it is ideal to go for one that gives you just what you ordered! They have a wide array of p.a systems for hire in Nairobi, MC services, Karaoke machines, projectors and event lighting as well. They will absolutely help organise a memorable event with a professional sound partner.

Prince Classic Sounds 

They are an entertainment company that deals with the hire, sales, repair, installation and servicing of public address systems in Nairobi. They cover special sets for events such as crusades, weddings, parties, conferences, burial ceremonies, luncheons and other related services. 

Premier audio-visual limited 

Looking for more pa systems for hire in Nairobi? This company is geared towards providing just that. They also offer installation services, site surveys, plus delivery and setup as well. They also give amazing offers too!

Stagepass audio visual 

They specialize in rentals of Audio-Visual technology including Sound, Screens, Lighting, Content Management, Digital and Interactive technology and scenic design. If versatility is what you are after, this is the right sound company for you, plus their public address system prices are about the affordable ones in Kenya. 

Sight and Sound Limited 

They are a leading audiovisual telepresence collaboration solution provider, with expertise ranging from solution consultation, solution design, installation and integration of audiovisual solutions.

Sum and substance

Events are making a strong comeback after the onset of the pandemic. Sound companies in Kenya, predominantly in Nairobi, are adjusting to the new normal and planning and going to various events is truly one of them. Trust GDC events immediately, for your corporate event sound requirements via email or phone call.   +254701850850/ +254721314242; [email protected] / [email protected]  

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