Top 5 eCommerce Development Companies in Kenya | 2021 Rankings

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E-commerce in Kenya is a fast-growing, low-cost sales channel. For some businesses in Kenya, their main goal is to leverage technology to grow markets and build marketplaces that solve everyday problems.


Technology and e-commerce are the next frontiers in the Kenyan development agenda. With increased attention on SME growth, both at a national and global scale, data points to a reckoning that the future of e-commerce business hinges on success. Ecommerce website design in Kenya is the process of building websites into online stores ready to handle floods of customers. This is therefore supported by digital marketing activities that drive traffic to the platform and generating sales.

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Does your business need to be online? For any business, the answer is “YES!” Here are some of the reasons why.

Why you need an eCommerce Website in Kenya.

  • Enhancing Customer Convenience

Websites bring about incredible convenience. Customers can get relevant information like your opening and closing hours, contact, and location details, which helps drive in-person sales. However, if customers are busy and cannot get to the physical shop for any other reason, the website provides the convenience of being able to shop from anywhere.

  • You can turn your operations into a 24/7 business

Setting up an Ecommerce Website in Kenya allows your customers to buy from you at any time or any day. With an eCommerce website, customers can browse your products, check if a particular item is back in stock yet, and perform many other consumer processes. With the internet, you’re always open for business! 

  • Reduce Payroll

With an E-Commerce Website in Kenya, you can speed up business operations. When you’re able to move some of your sales and business to the online platform, you may be able to scale back your payroll demands. An Online Store will take up some of the responsibilities that are typically be handled by employees, the need for more staff members diminishes.

  • Get more Leads and customer through Search (Newmarket acquisition)

Through the process of search engine optimization, you can optimize your eCommerce site to be more discoverable when potential customers search on Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results. You have to understand that most shoppers use the search engine before they decide to purchase, and showing up on those search results will bring in great value for your business.  Looking for a SEO Experts in Kenya?    Click here to book a strategic meeting with us.

Leading eCommerce websites in Kenya 

  1. Jumia
  2.  Kilimall
  3. Jambo Shop
  4. ShopIt
  5. Avechi


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Ecommerce Statistics in Kenya

Kenya has shown steady growth when it comes to eCommerce. We do not have exact data and statistics but the revenue is expected to grow to 2 Billion by 2024 (Statista). Ecommerce in Kenya is more popular among the Millenials. In September 2019, Jumia Kenya released some data showing that the largest group of e-commerce shoppers is 25-34 living in larger cities such as Nairobi. The top three products purchased on the Ecommerce website include FMCG, Electronics, and Fashion.

Top 5 eCommerce development companies in Kenya

Here is a select list that can help you design a robust e-commerce website/platform for your business.

  1. Growthpad Digital Consulting.

Africa’s leading digital media firm, Growthpad Digital Consulting, delivers world-class eCommerce solutions driven by business intelligence and data that help businesses drive more sales online and position themselves as market leaders.From ideation, concept, development to strategic launch. They are the right partner. Through their connected offerings in design, marketing, content, and commerce, they create new ways for your business to win. eCommerce, Mobile Commerce, and Social Commerce are gradually taking deep roots in the Kenyan market. Their goal is to help you reach audiences at moments that matter and at levels that they can convert into paying customers. 


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2. Kwetu

They develop, manage & market online stores, complete with secure online shopping, an e-commerce check-out & cart system, store inventory for all your products or solutions, and a good support system from their team to help clients flourish online.

They develop custom WordPress e-commerce stores to manage and market products in clients’ online shops. Whether an individual or business selling products or subscription services, the WordPress-based online store will enable clients to acquire leads, sell online, learn more about your customer and products.


Notable project- Funzo  


3. Webpinn

Webpinn is a  Web development company in Nairobi, Kenya that provides solutions for businesses to market. They focus on value addition, data analytics, and creating digital programs that help accelerate businesses. They mainly focus on website creation, eCommerce Kenya, and Graphic Design Services. Rating


Notable projects – Suzy Flower Shop 


4. iOSoft Technologies

Led by talented developers, they pride themselves on delivering effective website solutions for businesses. They have 5+ years of experience in the field of Web Design, SEO, and Social Media in Kenya, and are proud to be joined by companies across entire East Africa in our client base. They believe every business deserves a professionally designed website that engages customers and ranks highly with search engines worldwide. Rating

Notable Projects- Youth Enterprise Development Fund


5. Movitech Solutions LTD

Movitech is a web design agency in Nairobi that focuses on quality, innovation, & speed. They utilize technology to bring results to grow their clients’ businesses. They pride themselves on great work ethic, integrity, and end-results. Throughout the years Webdrawers has been able to create stunning designs in multiple verticals while allowing their clients to obtain an overall better web presence. They connect Kenyans Businesses to the Internet helping them achieve their goals. Here is their portfolio


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The firms that are in the mentioned article work to understand each client’s specific business objectives and select the best developers from their companies to meet customer needs. Developers analyze those needs, craft a design plan, establish web hosting, and then launch the online stores. With the online shopping experience expanding onto multiple channels, e-commerce software is necessary to ensure seamless integration. Some other tools that may be integrated within an eCommerce platform include payment gateways, subscription management, and live chat.

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Do you know of any other e-commerce development company that deserves to be on the list but did not make it? Leave a comment below, and will surely add them to the list upon review.

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