Top 5 corporate event photographers in Kenya – 2023

top 5 corporate event photographers in kenya (2022)


Say cheese, take a picture, and definitely do not forget to strike a pose! This is one of the many tricks to pull out your sleeve during a photography session anywhere. Corporate event photographers in Kenya are well versed when it comes to this topic. When organising an event it can get challenging trying to figure out what can and cannot take a bite of your budget. A valid corporate event photographer should be a part of that bite. 



In today’s post, we will look at why it is important to include professional photographers in your corporate events and the top five corporate event photographers in Kenya. Let us get right into it!

Importance of involving corporate event photographers in Kenya

In this day and age, corporate photography in Kenya is gaining more traction than ever! People want to go out and interact with their fellow colleagues and even meet new people. Corporate events provide a great whine down from the 8-5 normality, you will definitely have more to anticipate after work hours are over. Moreover, with the increasing popularity of photo-centric social media pages, such as Instagram and Facebook, the world has become more visual than ever! Why not entice them with the skills corporate photographers in Kenya uphold?

       1. Let you unwind during the corporate event.

Corporate photographers in Kenya offer some sort of weight off your shoulders. They are usually not present to enjoy themselves, well, they can but that is not the primary reason. They probably won’t know anyone attending, so their focus is solely on capturing the event from every angle.

       2. They are quite experienced.

They will most likely have years of experience, along with a range of high-quality equipment. This means they know exactly how to shoot in various lighting conditions and weather. Moreover, it means they won’t waste time on the job figuring out how to use the equipment like your best friend or work colleague might. 

       3. They capture the flow of the event.

Moreover, it’s important for event photographers to be briefed by a representative of the brand or client explaining exactly what is expected as well as specific event details so that they can capture the flow and feel of the occasion and won’t miss out on anything considered to be an important feature.

      4. They can provide social media-ready content. 

Corporate events in Kenya often encourage their attendees to tweet during and after the event, as well as post the event on LinkedIn to promote their business or cause. So having a professional event photographer present to quickly edit and provide quality photos post-event is imperative!

      5. They help create memories 

Through their meticulous artistic skills, corporate photographers help us with capturing memorable moments at corporate events in Kenya. We call it an artistic eye, they have the skill and expertise of taking world-class photos and videos when required. Such content can be used on your next company social media post, to vamp up your company profile or even your LinkedIn profile too! These are only a few of the reasons why you should hire professional corporate photographers in Kenya. Let us dive into the reason for the season, the top five corporate event photographers in Kenya. 

Top 5 corporate event photographers in Kenya

They are there to capture the people, place, actions, emotions & reactions. The right corporate event photographers in Kenya will provide high-quality, professional images that can be used across a variety of different media platforms. Here is a list of them for you to choose from.

         1. Video Force Kenya

Do not let the name deceive you, they not only do impeccable videography but also state-of-the-art photography as well! They are a Nairobi-headquartered video agency studio that uses video and photography content to trigger consumer epiphanies. They believe that insight creates clarity. And people love that. With years of experience, they have been able to exercise their expertise as corporate photographers in Kenya. Known for their long list of classy and influential clients, be sure to receive state-of-the-art content from them; only if, you contact them today! Chat them up on +254701850850 or shoot them an email via [email protected]

        2. Janeson Films 

Janeson Films is a full-service, creative, digital video production company (producing, music videos, film, commercials and television). They are constantly moving forward both creatively and technically on every project they undertake.

        3. Kireti Productions

They strive to capture corporate event moments, transforming them into photos and videos to help you treasure those special moments long after they have passed. They work around the clock to ensure that deadlines are met and happy faces are made. They have got the corporate photography speciality in Kenya on lock. 

       4. SirFreddy films & photography

 They have been creating photo and video content for their clients since 2017. They do this for most corporate events but dabble in individuals, concerts and festivals. Today, we know very well the importance of creative visual communication, especially for online audiences

        5. Hadithi Films and Photography

They are a filming company that offers a wide range of high-definition videos such as corporate events, real estate, weddings, and documentaries videos. 

To summarize 

You definitely want to make an impact on the corporate world when holding an event, so why not take pictures? They definitely last longer. In this write-up, we have looked at the tips to help your event photography be a success and the reasons why you should involve corporate event photographers in Kenya. Plus, a list of the top 5 to include at your next event. The list should ensure that you have one of the most successful corporate occasions in Kenya!Bottom line, be sure to contact Video Force today for your corporate photography needs at +254701850850 and shoot them an email as well through [email protected]

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