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PR Companies in Kenya have evolved over the years, the field of public relations has come a long way. Dunford Hall & Partners is widely regarded as the first PR/Communication consultancy in Kenya, having started in 1955. The industry has since evolved from the pre-independence practices of the 1950s to modern-day agencies. PR has been an active profession in Kenya since as far back as the 1950s

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What services do PR Companies in Kenya offer

A Public Relations company in Kenya will handle the reputation of your company through earned, owned, and paid communications. Typically, public relations firms handle messaging to the press(traditional media outlets and digital media). The main goals of a PR firm are brand awareness and reputation management(Top of the funnel).

1). Media Relations

Pr agencies in Kenya can help your brand position itself through collaboration with media houses with digital media, radio, Tv, newspaper, etc to ensure you get coverage for your brand. 

2). Crisis communication

In times of crisis, you require an experienced partner who can help you communicate with empathy and precision. A PR agency can help you with this. According to data from PwC, 69% of leaders have experienced at least one corporate crisis in the last five years — with the average number of crises experienced being three.

3). Influencer engagement

Influencer marketing has gained massive adoption by brands in Kenya, as this happens we see more brands require professional support, and this is where PR agencies can help you.

4). Brand management

Management of brand across digital media and traditional media can provide you with more customers and better performance of your business.

5). Digital communication

Communication companies in Kenya are known to provide a unique approach to both creative thinking, technology, and marketing. Engaging a PR company in Kenya, therefore, ensure that your brand is put in front of the right audiences. 

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How to identify a great public relations company in Kenya

1). Service Specialisation

Different PR companies specialize in various areas so it’s critical to know what that company focuses on before engaging them. For instance, some agencies are purely digital PR companies only and do not provide traditional media services. 

2). Experience and expertise

It’s critical to identify the experience and expertise of the pr agency in Kenya before engaging them. You can do this by checking out their past work, case studies, client types, and online reviews.

3) Team Structure

It’s important that you go with a multifaceted pr agency as this will give you more options when it comes to distributing your message. An agency that for instance can provide you with content production, strategy, distribution, optimization, and reporting is much better than a one-sided team that will only provide you with the PR piece. TYPES OF PR COMPANIES IN KENYA

Types of PR Companies in Kenya

1). Digital & Press Communication 

These ones specialize in online media and influencer engagement. In Kenya, they can help your brand get attention across online media outlets and influencers. A great example is Growthpad

2). General strategic communication

These ones focus on the general pr services – they can provide a broad range of services.

3). Non-Profit and Crisis Communication

These ones specialize in empathetic communication geared towards a cause.communication companies in kenya

Full list of the best pr companies in Kenya.

1). Growthpad Digital Consulting 

(Best for digital communication, digital PR, influencer engagement, and Press Releases)As a leading digital media house in Kenya, Growthpad can provide your brand with unparalleled reach in the PR space. Established in 2017 and with capabilities across East Africa, Growthpad provides international standards to PR practice with a local touch to your messaging. You can contact Growthpad on +254721314242 or email [email protected]Some of Growthpad’s Clients:

Asus, HPE, Oxfam, RedHat, Dell, Phillips, and many more.

Client reviews of Growthpad:

2). Edelman Kenya

(Best for general strategic communication)Founded in 1952, Edelman is the largest public relations firm in the world by revenue. The American company made its foray into the Kenyan market following its acquisition of Gina Din Corporate Communications.Helmed by Gina Din, one of the industry’s most prolific figures in the region, the firm had been a defining force, having won numerous awards and represented some of the biggest corporate clients. The firms had worked together for years prior to the acquisition.  Edelman has expertise in areas such as:

  • public affairs, 
  • reputation management, and 
  • crisis communications. 

3). Ogilvy Africa (Formerly Ogilvy & Mather)

(Best for Press communication)Ogilvy Africa is the largest network agency on the continent. Initially based in South Africa, the agency now has operations in 24 countries within Sub-Saharan Africa.Founded in the 19th century, it became known as Ogilvy & Mather. This came after its 1964 merger with Ogilvy which was founded by the “Father of Advertising”, David Ogilvy. 2018 saw the global restructuring and subsequent rebranding of the agency from Ogilvy & Mather. The agency is now part of WPP Group, one of the world’s largest advertising & PR companies. Some of its offerings include trade marketing, shopper marketing, and corporate branding.

4). Glass House PR

(Best for Crisis management)Glass House PR was established in 2012. An independent agency, Glass House PR has made a name for itself in the events space. Furthermore, the agency has worked with clients in real estate, tech & government.

5). IMG Events & PR

Inter Management Group (IMG) Kenya is a PR company that is perhaps best known for its unique marathon management offering. The company has handled event management and communication for the Beyond Zero campaign. In addition, IMG Events & PR engages in sports events & sponsorship management.Public relations companies in Kenya

And that’s about it for today, PR Companies in Kenya can provide you with services of communication and help you reach new business outcomes. Go through the list and pick a company of your choice.  Contact us on 0721314242/[email protected]

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Growthpad Digital Consulting
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