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So you wonder, “how can I create a buzz on Social Media in Kenya when re-launching my brand?” Before you market your product in Kenya, you must have an active plan. Spend time researching and get to know your industry so as to ensure you are developing an effective marketing strategy.

Today we are going to start off with a business case scenario, to give you a practical insight on how you could create an effective marketing strategy to relaunch your Brand in Kenya especially on Social Media. 


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Omondi’s Fashion Boutique faced a challenge: a huge, passionate group of fans (affluent women, age 27 – 45) had lost their connection with Omondi’s Fashion Line Brand. Omondi had not engaged them or communicated with them in a purposeful way for quite some time. These fans wanted more from their favorite Fashion Designer.

Omondi wanted to re-engage this audience as well as attract new clients to the brand. The team at Omondi’s Fashion Line had invested a lot in new designs and trends, product innovation, and were ready to tell their story.

At the same time, Omondi was forming some partnerships to help grow his Fashion Empire. The new partners and leadership on the brand understood that within this challenge that Omondi was facing, there was a great opportunity:

  • If Omondi Fashion Business could engage and activate its fan base and, in the process, compel these Omondi’s fashion line lovers to purchase one or two more blazers or pants per month, the lift in the business could be exponential
  • If Omondi’s could re-connect with their current fans in a meaningful way – and transform these fans into advocates who will share their love for Omondi’s Fashion Line – these fans would be the brand’s most effective (and cost-efficient) salesforce.

social media in kenya - relaunching your brand through online marketing in kenyaSo here is what a business like that of Omondi could do to ensure an effective marketing strategy for its re-launch. 


  • Test the proposition for 6 months to evaluate potential long-term results
  • Develop a new creative concept based on a focused strategy that intersects the essence of your brand with the kind of personal relationship that the brand’s audience desires of the brand. Thus, a new brand campaign, for instance for Omondi could be –  “AfriTrend by Omondi”.
  • Another great way to get the audience excited is to launch a teaser campaign. It is a powerful tool that helps grab attention and build anticipation. For this to be successful, find out the platforms that would work well for your product and be active there. 

social media marketing and strategy kenyaOnce you succeed, the audience will want to get more information about the product. People buy a product after they identify the need for the product. Before they buy, you need to make it clear your product meets those needs. Then if you want to encourage them to spread the word about your product’s fit, you can give limited period discounts: Apart from promoting your product on social media, build excitement by blogging about it as well. You can share behind the scenes stories about how the product was developed and let its future consumers know the benefits. This can also be done by producing videos and using different Kenyan Influencers. Reaching out to influencers will double your efforts

  • Create a consistent brand look, feel, and voice to execute on social media and that will work across all other platforms
  • Craft “story themes” based on brand benefits and deep knowledge of your target audience. These themes should be tested in real-time and be modified or replaced with new themes based on performance
  • Use video as a way to drive engagement
  • Deploy paid support behind posts that perform above the benchmark for organic impressions
  •  Improve community support to ensure timely, on-brand responses to any questions or any customer service request
  • Optimize a series of channels that customers use or are exposed to in order to convert into a ‘purchase by pushing out this social media-led campaign through retail programs
  • Measure campaign success against key performance indicators agreed upon before the commencement of the program. 

top digital marketing agency kenyaThe Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should look at Fan Acquisition, Organic Impressions, Engagement by Target, Total Engagement, Unique Engaged Users, Brand Awareness, Brand Recommendation.This Approach has proved that Social Media in Kenya could serve as a “new mass media” channel for brands with defined challenges and the right target audience.


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