Complete List of Social Listening Services in Kenya – 2023

complete list of social listening services in kenya

This may come as a surprise, but listening is an essential part of communicating. What good is communication if the recipient is not willing to understand? That is why we deploy social listening services in Kenya. They help your business track what is said about your brand online. These social listening platforms will help you gauge an honest overview of what consumers think of your products. This will surely assist you in improving or appreciating your brand based on what your consumers have communicated.

Today, we will look into the five steps of proper social media listening, seven key benefits of social listening and the top five social listening  services in Kenya. Let us dive right in!



The five steps to proper social listening

The five steps to proper social listening In marketing, it is quite evident that we do a lot of talking online. On a daily, we have one-sided conversations with our prospects using email, advertising, content marketing and social media. To improve on social media intelligence we need to tap into our listening skills. Here are five ways of doing so!

    1. Know who you want to listen to

It is impossible to listen to everyone’s conversation, that can get a little too noisy don’t you think? Instead, use customer personas to focus on a specific target audience based on who they are, which products they use and where to buy them. Social monitoring will assist in keeping you up to date with what your users or customers are saying about the topics you are interested in. You can do this by setting up a brand monitoring project using one of these social listening services in Kenya. 

   2. Determine your social listening goals. 

Figure out what you are trying to achieve with social listening. You may want to better understand your target audience, measure the social impact of your marketing campaigns, discover customer care issues or even all of the above!

   3. Decide on how you will use the data

Depending on your goals, figure out in advance how you will use the social data to inform your marketing strategy and the approach you take with the specific social media mentions from your consumers. Remember, listening is only part of the equation! 

  4. Response and engagement 

Your social media team should be hot on social media tracking heels. Have your team and social playbook( a complete guide that discusses every single facet of your social media strategy). Social media tracking is real-time, you can’t afford to figure things out as you go along.  

  5. Invest in the right social listening technology

For the best results, ensure you engage the appropriate social listening services in Kenya that will make the most sense for your brand! Be it a free tool or a social media command centre, select the one that will do social media tracking justice for your business. 

  key benefits of social listening in Kenya 

6 key benefits of social listening in kenya Now that we have viewed the importance of social media monitoring and seen the necessary steps to kosher social listening. Here is a list of the key benefits!

1. To improve your customer service.

The use of social listening services in Kenya will allow you to view any complaints quickly and easily. This will give your social media team the quick response time needed to put out any fires that may have been lit. 

2. Help find new leads.

These social listening platforms will help you generate new sales leads. The key to achieving this is by looking out for mentions related to your goals; it is important to monitor keywords that are related to the name of the company, services, products and even competitors! 

3. Track and measure your marketing campaigns.

The use of dedicated hashtag campaigns has proven to increase both reach and user engagement. Monitoring online conversations on different social networks will help you gather the data that could definitely benefit your brand’s marketing campaigns in the present and future. 

4. Access customer insights.

Today, consumers are more open to sharing their opinions and reviews about the products or services that they use mainly due to the rise of social media. Online, people are able to speak freely whenever they want. Use such posts to your advantage, they will assist you in improving your brand and services using customer feedback. 

5. Identify social media influencers.

This is equivalent to uncovering gold! Identify influencers that help improve your brand awareness. They can be ranked in order of how likely they are beneficial to your brand. Be careful to scout and only work with those who believe in your products and values. 

6. Protect your brand reputation. 

Brand jacking(when someone impersonates a brand online) and fake comments are a real problem and are extremely detrimental to your brand and business. These social listening services will ensure that the responses are solely from your social media team and not rogue actors. 

The top 5 social listening services in Kenya  

In a rapidly growing social media market, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest trends. That’s why we have done the work for you by compiling a list of the top 5 social listening services in Kenya. 

      1. Growthpad Digital Consulting

They are at the top of the game when it comes to social listening. They have the most powerful social listening and analytics platform that provides businesses with detailed insights into their customer sentiments and social media performance. With Growthpad, you can track your brand’s mentions, engagement, competitors, and reach across the internet and Social media. Reach out to them via email at [email protected] or call +254 701 850 850. 

     2. Sprout Social

This is a powerful social media platform that helps businesses grow their social media presence. Their platform is packed with handy features but stays out of the way to let brands easily engage with people and build lasting relationships.

     3. Social bakers

They have a wide array of social media profiles that they help monitor to power different brands’ social strategies. Thus improving their social media intelligence and productivity. 

     4. Twilert

Twilert is a social media listening service dedicated to the Twitter audience. Although it comes with three paid plans, Twilert has a daily free offer. This offer is a simplified daily alert that allows users to track any topic, account, hashtag, or specific term. 

     5. Brand Moran 

Lastly, Brand Moran is a powerful AI-powered social media listening platform designed for brands in the Kenyan market. This tool offers nearly every feature you demand from social listening and brand monitoring. The tool allows users to track keywords and hashtags to seamlessly find out who is mentioning your brand or that of your competitor and sentiment analysis.

   Bottom line

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice more than we speak. Heard of that saying before? It goes without saying that we should listen more than we speak. When we are in tune with the customer feedback received from comments and responses online; you are one step closer to success! That’s why you should utilize a social listening service in Kenya today! Growthpad Digital Consulting is ahead of the game with social media intelligence. Give them a call today via +254 701 850 850 or send them an email at [email protected]

Growthpad Digital Consulting
Growthpad Digital Consulting
We are a digital media and tech consulting firm headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with operations across East Africa. E: [email protected]   P: +254 701 850 850

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