Why Search Engine Marketing is crucial for Businesses in Kenya

search engine marketing in kenya

Search Engine Marketing, more commonly referred to as SEM, is one of the most important marketing channels to generate quality leads from a target audience for your business in Kenya. It complements your marketing strategies and gets your Business at the top of Google search results fast. Trust us, there are a ton of reasons why you need SEM in your Digital Marketing Strategy starting today.

1. More Return on Investment.

Google Search ads have proven to bring in more money for business in Kenya, Google has some hard data to prove it. According to Google, any business can double their investment using Google search ads. Having a profitable paid search campaign has many components and there are ways to optimize your Pay Per Click campaigns to ensure you maximize your engine marketing in kenya infographic

2.  SEM is Conversion-Focused

Search engine marketing is an important conversion driver for marketing campaigns of any type in Kenya. The reason is that paid ads are commonly linked to conversion-focused landing pages 

or sales pages that move web traffic through the sales funnel. Organic results aren’t typically linked to landing pages, but paid ads are. See example below of one of our clients results:

search engine marketing campaign results

3. SEM Can Increase Brand Awareness

According to Google, search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.  Searfch engine marketing can serve as a valuable branding tool that can make your company and your products be seen as a leader in your industry in Kenya. One-third of people (33%) click on a paid search ad because it directly responds to their search query, according to the Clutch survey, while more than one quarter clicked on an ad because it mentioned a brand they were familiar with. Businesses can establish themselves as reliable brands to potential customers if they have ads that answer people’s search queries. The benefits of helpful ads can include improving its brand awareness in Kenya and earning high-quality site traffic.

4. SEM is Great for Local Marketing

Search engine marketing is an important tool for driving website visits and getting more conversions on almost any budget – it’s even more important if you’re a local marketer though! Local marketing aims to connect regional businesses with the surrounding community that it services. In other words, when people search online for local business services, like “dry cleaner near me” or “food delivery in Nairobi” it’s local marketers who make those queries connect with business listings and ads in search engines.

5. SEM Brings in More Qualified Leads

Of course, it’s not all about generating traffic. Like facebook ads, Youtube ads and Google display ads, one of the biggest benefits of search ads is the ability to bring in the right traffic. You can’t always control who sees your organic search results, but with SEM, you can create a custom audience that will be far more likely to see and engage with your ads than the average searcher. 


Wrapping it All Up

So why use SEM in Kenya? It works! These 5 powerful reasons are why you should at least give paid search advertising a try. Become an SEM User Today. Get to the top of google search results with keywords that matter to your engine marketing strategy session kenya


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