How to Successfully Scale Your Business with Influencer Marketing in Kenya, 2020(+Free ROI template).


Influencer Marketing in Kenya

Influencer Marketing in Kenya is one of the fastest-growing customer acquisition marketing methods. Nearly 40% of marketers in Kenya say they are now dedicating a budget for influencer marketing, and 80% report influencer marketing in Kenya to be effective. Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere. But if you’ve never used it before, you may have a few questions.


How do I achieve ROI? Where do I find influencers in Kenya? How much does it cost? How much time is needed to run a successful campaign? Check out Top Influencer marketing Companies in Kenya.


Influencer Marketing in Kenya is no longer an industry dominated by ( celebrities and socialites as we were used to before ) who’ve been paid to hold up a product. The focus has shifted towards authentic, passionate content creators with small but loyal followings – everyday relatable people who produce beautiful content and personally engage with their audience.


Using Influencers in Kenya is all about reaching new audiences in a targeted and considered way. An influencer holds social influence over their audience, which means that if you can gain their recommendation you’re also likely to gain the approval of their followers. 


By identifying and working with influential Kenyans to target your niche, you gain access to a highly engaged audience with little effort. Influencers in Kenya act like an amplifier for your message, amplifying and giving it more credibility.


Research suggests that consumers in Kenya are more likely to buy your product if it is recommended to them by someone they know or connect with. And this is where Influencers play their role. Since Influencers are consumers themselves, your target audience will find them trustworthy. Also, Influencer Marketing is one of the fastest ways to help consumers develop trust.


Here’s what you can achieve with Influencer marketing Kenya.

  1. You’ll be able to reach a wider audience in Kenya.
  2. Your social media presence will be improved.
  3. Your brand authority will gradually have an upward trajectory.
  4. Your messages get conveyed faster to your target audience.
  5. You can expect a high Return on Investment (ROI) from your campaign.
  6. With good exposure and credibility, you’ll ultimately gain customer loyalty.


With social media in Kenya becoming increasingly pay to play and algorithm updates making it trickier to reach customers through brand pages, influencer marketing has become more important than ever. Influencers have the unrivaled potential to reach highly targeted audiences and use their own authority to build trust and loyalty for your brand. 

Influencers in Kenya

To capitalize on influencer marketing Kenya, you’ll first need to determine your approach: will your brand collaborate with several micro-influencers or enlist a micro-influencers in Kenya? How will you incentivize them? Do you have tools and techniques for managing your influencers, such as trackable links, dashboards, and reports? How do you define success? The fantastic thing about influencer marketing is that it’s scalable: even the most basic approach, such as distributing complementary products for reviews, may see great results, but getting sophisticated with your strategy and data can skyrocket your Return on Investment (ROI).


Social Media Influencer marketing in Kenya is a concept that can be applied to a wide variety of businesses, from B2C manufacturing companies to B2B software companies. What ends up differing is how one chooses to set up an influencer campaign, which ends up being very dependent upon the buyer persona – who are you trying to influence, the desired KPI – what outcome do you want, and then based on that information the other items of network selection (Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc.), categorical match, and ultimately creating a concise pitch that delivers as much value as you’re comfortable providing to an influencer.


Once you have answered those questions, running an influencer campaign is actually quite easy, with many digital agencies in Kenya to choose from – it becomes a simple numbers game and trusting the process you created to reach the desired outputs based on the upfront labor inputs you created.


Influencer Marketing can introduce you to new audiences in Kenya and gain your brand goodwill and credibility if you don’t make the obvious mistakes.


Apply the same marketing strategies you apply anywhere. Focus on influencers that resonate with your target audience and don’t be compelled by shiny big names with an undefined audience base. Track results. Repeat what was successful and abandon where measurable results aren’t available.


The younger Audience reacts negatively to ads. By 2020, they’ll be 40% of the shoppers in Kenya. Half of them won’t use Facebook this year. Use influencers in Kenya to reach them that audience – but remember they feel the authenticity and loathe commercialism. Let the influencers guide you on how to speak their language.


Aligning yourself and working with the right influencer and Influencer Marketing Agency in Kenya not only helps to put your brand in front of your audience, but it also does so in a way that actually resonates. When you convey your message through an influencer, your audience is actively listening, trusting, and more importantly; likely to take action. This is reflected in the data, which has found over 90% of people trust recommendations from other people over brands.

Return on Investment Guide

Combine this with the fact influencer marketing in Kenya can be more cost-effective than traditional online advertising and it becomes a no-brainer. Rather than working on a KSH.500 CPM on Facebook or YouTube, for example, brands who work with influencers can negotiate based on clicks, purchases, or exchanges products for collaborations. This is why brands who do work with influencers are seeing an average of KSH680 media value for every KSH.100 that they spend on paid media.


One often overlooked benefit of working with influencers in Kenya, is that data from their “followers” can be used to strengthen market research and impact bigger marketing choices. Understanding your target market in Kenya is crucial in any industry and an influencer campaign of any kind will produce extremely valuable data on a target market.


The key is to be able to analyze this data for future decisions. Marketing teams can even reach out to micro-influencers in Kenya to research how niche communities react to different types of messaging. While only a secondary benefit, understanding how certain markets react to your messaging will ultimately support business upward trajectory in the long run!


So how can Growthpad help you make the most of influencer marketing?  


  1. Thanks to our in-house data team, we have tools and software that enable us to successfully determine the authenticity of an influencer’s audience. 
  2. Our post-campaign analysis focuses on awareness, attention, and action. We collate fan interactions to determine brand sentiment before, during, and after our campaigns as well as providing ROI on spend.
  3. We create bespoke seeding campaigns that get your product into the hands of the correct influencers.

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