How to use Facebook stories for business in Kenya: The ultimate guide

Have you been wondering how you can use Facebook stories for your business in Kenya? If you have, way to think ahead of the competition.

Facebook stories are an asset that can prove invaluable to your business when utilized to its full potential. In this post, we look at how your business can tap into the goldmine that is Facebook stories.

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Facebook Stories are short user-generated photo, audio, and video collections that disappear after 24 hours.

Why are Facebook stories important for your business in Kenya?

Creating stories can seem unnecessary especially if you are already posting frequently and advertising on Facebook which begs the question why? Why are Facebook stories important for your business? In this section, we’ll look at 5 reasons why you should be using Facebook stories for your business in Kenya.

1. Increase your brand reach

The first reason is that Facebook stories will increase your reach. Customers who don’t engage with your posts on your feed will definitely see you at the top of their page when they are scrolling through stories.

2. Get closer to your customers

Unlike posts, stories have a much more relaxed feel. Facebook tories give you the opportunity to connect with your customers on a real-time basis. 

3. Make your business appear more human

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to appear more human and authentic. Customers’ priorities have changed in terms of what motivates them to become loyal to a brand. They are spoilt for choice and therefore, bands have to try harder to create loyalty.One such method is to present your brand’s human side through Facebook stories.

4. Answer customer questions in real-time

Another reason why you should use Facebook stories for your business in Kenya is that it will allow you to answer customer questions in real-time. Posting stories requires you to be on the platform unlike posting regular posts which can be done with a marketing automation tool.Sometimes the difference between a customer making a purchase and not making a purchase is a question which a customer has. Being able to answer that question could mean a sale for you.

5. Promote user-generated content

Facebook stories are also a great avenue to promote user-generated content. Posting user-generated content to your feed could easily affect your branding or simply the aesthetic you have worked hard to create on your profile.However, with Facebook stories, you can share user-generated content which presents social proof without consequence.

How to create Facebook stories for your business in Kenya

While you can post Facebook stories from your Laptop you will get the most options while posting from your smartphone o that is what we recommend.

Step 1. Choose the type of Facebook story content you want to create

When creating a Facebook story, you’ll have the option to choose from different types of content formats, or you can also choose to upload an existing photo or video from your gallery.Facebook offers several different formats and tools for your stories content. Gallery for sharing existing photos or videos on your phone. Boomerang for taking a burst of photos and turning them into an animation. Text for creating a text-based story. Layout for posting multiple photos in different grids or collage configurations. Superzoom for zooming in on a subject. Poll for conducting viewer polls between two options.The top row options and the blue camera icon in the bottom right corner give you two access points for those different story formats. However, when you click the blue camera icon, you can also take pictures or record videos, boomerangs, or Facebook live videos.8I715pr82IBBYmhVQklWPZ5MfgJ9Vtuti3jQlDUWvDc0kxzXD Guj3w jXEhKgVU5aghVb1eQ7u6lAVFomTV4nSpcaa4DQDgVMN5eF7yzwFJ21Dwk2LOWijGd7jXtuoV5csouSf | Facebook stories for business

Step 2. Get creative with your content

Facebook offers plenty of creative tools to make your stories pop. So you can play around with these options before you finish creating your story. Find these fun add-ons on the right-hand column after you’ve selected an image file or taken a new picture or video.AGk0z Or3waPbpXNthpUswCkGYvH 0SkEMuWvh0sTIGeBJqnHyHNA2FXxTQ3DQn cLxMTeTWUsj QzWV8GcppVCQfqztywpZ7N8qD65TTSI | Facebook stories for business

Step 3. Add custom links and buttons

What separates Facebook stories on profiles versus Pages is the ability to share links. So for those using Facebook stories for business, there are several links and buttons that are crucial for marketing.By tapping the link icon on the right sidebar, you can choose from a few call-to-action buttons and customize them for viewers to interact with. Encourage people to book now, call, get directions, shop, and much more.AGk0z Mi6dADltkvfCqGJrluqzpaZyQDHRgF7EGmkSbSBNQZRxAFL0vRAAVrjKw3 v9CjgqfLTPnFZ6re | Facebook stories for business

Step 4. Share your Story

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, tap on “Share Now.” That’s it you’ve created and shared your Facebook story.

Best practices for creating Facebook stories for your business in Kenya

While knowing the basics of how to post Facebook stories is essential, it is not enough to crush the competition. It is important to adhere to the best practices shared below.

1. Create exciting, time-sensitive content

The “urgency factor” is what makes stories such a popular feature because of their 24-hour availability. Take advantage of this to create time-sensitive content that can build excitement and urgency.Examples of such could include promoting a 24-hour sale with a code, share early bird offers, get people to sign up for an event, and more.

2. Make it interactive and actionable

Because stories can draw in a large audience, create opportunities for engagement by using interactive tools like polls and voting stickers. Stories are an opportunity to get closer to your customers and answer any questions they might have.

3. Share user-generated content

Stories are the place for you to showcase your happy customers and any reviews you get from them. It is the place to celebrate the people who keep your business doors open and that includes your employees. Adding stories to your already heavy posting schedule can seem overwhelming but you can start with one story a week and increase as you get used to posting them. Three stories a week is ideal. Unlike feed posts, stories require real-time engagement so keep that in mind when you begin posting Facebook stories for your business.

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