How to create effective LinkedIn Ads in Kenya for B2B

LinkedIn Ads in Kenya for B2B

The power of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions or running effective LinkedIn Ads in Kenya for B2B is not widely known here in Kenya, which goes beyond the traditional perception of LinkedIn as just a recruitment platform. 

Here at GrowthPad Digital Consulting, we get asked: What role do LinkedIn Ads in Kenya for B2B play in your marketing campaign? Which type of LinkedIn ads is most effective? Should you use video or image ads? How much do you need to spend on LinkedIn Ads to know they’re worth it?

There is a significant time and money investment required for LinkedIn compared to other platforms and having questions like these is normal, which is why we’ll answer them in this article.

LinkedIn Ads in Kenya for B2B

Misconceptions about running LinkedIn Ads

Misconception 1 – LinkedIn clicks are too expensiveThe cost per click on most Linkedin ads accounts is outrageous. Business-wise, it is almost unjustifiable.It’s important to understand that LinkedIn Ads are expensive if they’re set up incorrectly.LinkedIn recommends spending $100 PER CLICK on average for our internal campaigns. However, that isn’t necessary in your case.Misconception 2 – You can’t generate leads with LinkedInWe almost always hear the same answer when we engage with different brands here in Kenya and inquire how many leads and sales they are getting from LinkedIn Ad Campaigns:

  • Our marketing team does not run Linkedin lead generation campaigns because they don’t work.
  • Before, we tried them, but nobody converted.
  • Our team specializes in traffic campaigns.
  • Rather than generate leads, our goal is to build brand awareness.

Below is a screenshot that will prove it is perfectly possible to generate leads on LinkedIn, you just have to understand its dynamics.Misconception 3 – The cost per lead is too high with LinkedIn ads.You might have been told before by your marketing team that getting leads on LinkedIn is too expensive and the cost per lead is outrageous.Even in industries where competition is fierce, we have done lead generation campaigns with a stable cost per lead of below $5.You have no excuse not to conduct profitable lead generation campaigns in your industry.

Reasons why people fail with LinkedIn Ads here in Kenya

It may be due to a number of reasons why your ads fail to work. Despite this, we have found these are the most common mistakes made by B2B companies in Kenya. Among these are:

  1. What metrics to look for when optimizing campaigns.
  2. Have no idea how to create winning ads using AMO (Audience, Message, and Value Offer).
  3. Reach out to the same exact audience like everyone else.
  4. Marketing and sales are not aligned, nor is a nurturing program in place.

Elements for a successful Linked In Campaign. (O.M.A)

  1. The Right Offer
  2. The Right Message
  3. The Right Audience

LinkedIn Ads Your Key to the High Quality B2B Leads. 2 | LinkedIn Ads in Kenya for B2B

The type of content you need to run LinkedIn ads.

When running Linked In Ads, you have to take note that you will be mainly targeting cold audiences, people who aren’t aware of your solution or even the problem they are facing.To help you get this better, you will need to understand the content friction funnel.LinkedIn Ads Your Key to the High Quality B2B Leads. 3 | LinkedIn Ads in Kenya for B2BFrom the above you can see the difference between 3 different audiences:

  1. TOFU (Top of The Funnel) Audience: People who are not aware of the problem you are solving and are not aware of your solution.

TOFU content has little to do with products and services; it is focused on your buyers’ interests and needs. Show that you are useful. To reach a wide number of potential customers, you can use the following types of content:LinkedIn Ads Your Key to the High Quality B2B Leads. 4 | LinkedIn Ads in Kenya for B2B

  1. MOFU (Middle of The Funnel) Audience: People who are aware of the problem you are solving, yet not aware of your solution. MOFU content intends to educate and entertain just like TOFU content. However, it presents more information about solutions. Marketers share the following types of MOFU content at this stage:

B2B marketing in Kenya

  1. BOFU (Middle of The Funnel) Audience: People who are aware of the problem you are solving and are aware of your solution.

BOFU content should showcase your product, demonstrate how it works, show off features, and outline specific benefits customers receive. Now is the time to show how your product or service solves their pain point and beats the competition.Here are some ideas for BOFU content: Product demo, Product comparisons, Free trial, Testimonials, and case studies.When it comes to running LinkedIn ads towards a cold audience, focus on running ads with content that relates to the MOFU or TOFU audiences.This is how you’ll nail your next campaigns on LinkedIn.LinkedIn Ads Your Key to the High Quality B2B Leads. 7 | LinkedIn Ads in Kenya for B2B

How Much Does LinkedIn Ads in Kenya for B2B  Cost in 2022?

Many factors determine LinkedIn advertising costs, such as target audience, campaign objective, and bid. The average cost of LinkedIn ads is $2.50 per click, $6.59 per 1000 impressions, and $0.80 per send. Our goal at Growthpad Digital Solutions is to help brands connect with their customers, regardless of their geographical location. We are responsible for educating Kenyan businesses about how they can use LinkedIn to influence decisions globally. Our B2B insights and best practices provide entrepreneurs with helpful tips to connect with clients and engage them in customized conversations across the sales funnel that enhance, rather than disrupt, conversations.If you are looking to go deep on building a true omnichannel marketing strategy to take your business to the next level, our Omni-Channel B2B Free Strategy Call may be the ideal fit for you.Click here to schedule the Strategy call.

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