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Online marketing in Kenya is evolving rapidly, is your business taking advantage of these lead generation strategies?


The 2020 Global Digital Statistics, Stats & Facts report indicates that there are approximately 22.86 Million Internet Users in Kenya. Just imagine tapping into this huge market. Capturing merely a fraction of such a large source of customers could lead to considerable high profits for your brand, products, or services.

lead generation for digital marketing

One of the biggest challenges for Digital Marketing Agencies in Kenya is creating effective Lead generation strategies for their clients. If you are looking to drive more traffic to boost up sales, ensure the quality of the service being provided, and the quality of the content designed attracts the targeted audience. So, What is lead generation in digital marketing? and how do you generate quality leads for your business? What are the types of digital marketing? to help drive your sales up.


  1. Online Lead Generation by Website Optimization.

Lead generation is a marketing exercise of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the motive of driving sales. Optimizing your website to generate leads is an easily accomplished task. But unfortunately, it’s not as simple as throwing the “A Call to Action” button on your home page and watching the leads pour in, but instead, you need to take a more strategic approach. To begin, do some research on where most of your online consumers and outreach come from. These are your lead generators. Some areas a business might get traffic from include: Email marketing, Social Media, Live chat, and blog post. Once you understand where your leads are being directed from, ensure the pages they’re landing on are doing everything they can to keep the visitor’s interest. You can also and forms that gather information and call to actions to certain offers.Later you can evaluate your landing pages and see which pages are bringing in better conversion rates and which you need to optimize accordingly to bring better conversion rates. We will give an instance, e.g if your analytics tool, shows most of your potential leads are clicking on inbound links to your website from your Facebook page, the next step you will do is to improve the pages they’re visiting with content that keeps them on hence engaging them further on your website Optimizingyour website helps Make your website useful for your specific audience, Grow your organic traffic,  Capitalize on existing traffic, Force your website to work harder and Give your audience what they want and expect


  1. Online Lead Generation by Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

There are various ways to use SEO to boost your lead generation strategies, this includes: Make a list of relevant keywords, utilize keyword research tools, Organize the results along your sales funnel, Optimize existing content and then create content to fill in the gaps. Apart from these steps, there are also actionable ways to use SEO.  Start by understanding the users intent, For instance, a visitor who may want to learn more about the specifications of an Oven Cooker is most likely to have a ‘Know’ intent, while a person who is ready to purchase that Oven Cooker is most likely to have a ‘Buy’ intent. User intent can be categorized into: Know (Understand a certain topic, product, or service), Do (Execute a certain activity online),  Buy (Purchase a product or service), Web (Visit a webpage or website) and Local (visit a local establishment.)


Another way is Aiming for Long-Tail Keywords since 70% of all web searches are conducted using long-tail keywords. Let’s get another thing straight: mobile search is huge and growing rapidly. People are not only using their mobile phones to find information about products and services, but they are actually doing more mobile searches with the intention of buying.


So optimizing for mobile users and making your website mobile friendly would work wonders for you. Finally, write a killer meta-description that has a substantial effect on its click-through rate (CTR), which is one of the ranking signals that search engines such as Google look at.

strategies for online marketing lead generation

  1. Online Lead Generation through Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC (pay-per-click) a type of internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Some of the benefits of PPC ads are, they are targeted, inexpensive, versatile, easily tracked, changed and deliver actionable intelligence. PPC provides leads online – but it’s not a “set it and forget it” process. It needs to be strategically designed and prudently managed. Otherwise, instead of giving you leads, PPC can and will bring excess costs, missed opportunities, and plenty of headaches.


  1. Online Lead Generation through Social Media

Today, 8.80 Million Kenyans are active on social media. They use it on a daily basis providing massive amounts of data to the platforms. This information is of importance for social media lead generation. Marketers can use it to target their consumers. So here are some tips you can use to generate leads.Everyone likes valuable content. If you have valuable information about your service, you can put them behind a gate. Share this gated content piece to social media and gather relevant social media leads.  Social media platforms also offer location-based targeting options. This helps marketers to send promotions to a targeted consumer. They can send gated content to the audience and target with lead generation ads or polls to get feedback. Other ways include Running Contests On Social Media, Social media advertising, Hangouts, Webinars, and Live Chats.effective lead generation kenya

  1. Online Lead Generation by Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers. Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.


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