How to Plan and Host a Successful Corporate Event in Kenya

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Nothing beats a powerful impression. Summits and conferences are a phenomenal chance to showcase your company’s expertise, build professional networks, create new business opportunities, and even position your organization as an industry leader. However, creating a successful corporate event in Kenya of this scale requires meticulous planning, attention to detail, and a profound understanding of the conference landscape.

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Insider Tips for Creating an Impactful Conference in Kenya

Corporate Event in Kenya

  • Plan strategically

It all starts with your preparation. Weigh what you want against what you need. Define clear objectives, identify target audiences, and develop a comprehensive roadmap to guide all event-related activities. With the changing Kenya event space, you might want to also research and adopt the appropriate latest trends, technology, and best practices.

  • Get the branding and design right

Branding and designs pump life into your events. The visual identity of your conference plays a primary role in conveying your message and capturing the attention of your stakeholders. From merchandise/asset design and marketing materials to stage setups and decor, you have to craft an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression long after the event ends.

  • Carefully look at the logistics & Security

Logistics make or break events. This often involves juggling multiple moving parts like venue selection (does it meet your company and guest prestige?), catering, guest transportation, audiovisual setup, and more. Cover all bases by having trusted main and backup suppliers for the equipment you might need. Additionally, make plans to prevent and handle any problems or emergencies that may arise.

  • Promote and market the conference comprehensively

How will you spread the word about your event and attract attendees? What are the channels and strategies that you will use? How can you create a buzz and a brand for your event? You need to have trusted media contacts and perhaps even use influencers who meet and speak to your industry stature.

  • Create a review committee

Chase perfection, not satisfaction. A review committee is akin to a third eye. By having one, you can assess every event aspect and identify unseen gaps, contingencies, and even arising opportunities.  Contracting a specialized event management agency is good but having an internal control committee will add a layer of excellence to the project delivery.

  • Think about coverage 

Every exceptional event needs to be captured. By exploiting professional videography, live streaming, and photography services, you ensure that the significant moments and key aspects of your conference are visually captured and preserved. These visuals serve as powerful marketing tools, build credibility, and provide valuable content for post-event engagement.

  • Set up befitting audiovisual technology

Getting relevant audiovisual and multimedia systems can transform your event into a multisensory experience for your stakeholders. Think about the sound set-up, the technical support needed, any guests with hearing/visual impairments, interpretation, presentations, live-streaming, and audience engagement. Have everything covered to see that there are no loopholes.

  • Collect feedback and do evaluations

How will you measure the success of your event and improve it for the future? Create a digital system for attendee and viewer feedback. This can also be done during the event to gauge if all is working as it should. The feedback system you choose should also allow for easy analyzing and reporting. Also, have a post-event sit-down to evaluate the results and create action plans to create an even better event the next time.make your next event a thumping success in kenyaTo conclude, organizing a successful summit or conference in Kenya requires a considerable amount of time, effort, and expertise. You don’t have to do it alone.GDC Events is an industry leader in organizing corporate events and we’ll help you confidently deliver a model conference/summit/workshop that establishes your organization as an industry authority.

We combine 5 key areas of expertise to drive exceptional experiences for your delegates:


  • Multimedia expertise

    Creative production and coverage of events. We have been doing this for 8+ years.


  • Communication

    We handle your delegates like our delegates. From invitations to logistical arrangements for your guests. We are known to build ‘wow’ moments at every corner of our delivery.


  • Audio-visual, lighting & branding capabilities

    Our equipment outmatch most in the market and our setup is famed for perfection. Our branding is exceptionally well done following your brand guidelines and best industry practices.


  • Media, influencer & PR

    Our network in media enables you to expose your event to all the required stakeholders.


  • Technology

    We build event landing pages, digital registration & delegate management portals, and utilize analytics to measure engagement. Additionally, we can provide you with digital services to help reach audiences digitally.


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