Growthpad Corporate Social Responsibility


Growthpad seeks to contribute to sustainable development by delivering economic, social, and knowledge transfer benefits to the ecosystem we revolve in. Through various activities as outlined herein, we seek to positively contribute to the wellbeing of our immediate community.

Growthpad Digital Literacy Program (GDLP)

This program seeks to equip various NGOs, CBOs and young people with digital skills that are vital in the rapidly changing lifestyles. Through GLP, we strive to empower specific interest group to harness the various digital tools for personal growth, knowledge transfer and effective management and running of entrepreneurial enterprises


Young people are the engine to any vibrant economy. In Kenya specifically, youth contribute 75% of the overall population. To genuinely have any positive impact on this populous, we seek to position ourselves directly to places that are a darling to them. GCG will effect sponsorships to causes that are dear to our core DNA. We will partner with tertiary institutions, colleges and university to breath life to their events. Generally, we seek to be a vehicle of information and knowledge transfer o our campus communities through this.

Growthpad Mentorship Initiatives (GMI)

As a follow up on outstanding individuals who have either been identified in our GLP or sponsorship efforts, GCG group will absorb such talent in our mentorship initiatives. This initiative will be hands-on, fast-paced and provide real work experience to the shortlisted participants. The objective here is to ensure that individuals put what they have absorbed in practice, provide mentorship, linkages with accountable overseers and provide a networking avenue. As they say, network is networth, let’s build up the networth of GCG friends

Growthpad Partnerships with Nonprofits

Some NGOs are rooting for great causes but lack the capital manpower to scale up, raise funds and pass their awareness message on a large scale. To this effect, GCG will provide expertise experience and assist a select few with application and management on Google for nonprofits grants