Bringing more acquisitions to a leading mobile lender in Kenya.

Zenka Case Study


Zenka aimed to provide a reliable source of credit to the underserved and unbanked segments of the Kenyan population. Only, they faced a pressing challenge – how to sustain and expand its market dominance, and effectively acquire and retain users.

Piecing the puzzle

We employ strategies that resonate deeply with Zenka’s audience, fortifying their brand’s leadership. As user acquisition experts, we connect Zenka with an expanding user base, eager for their services. Simultaneously, our retention strategies ensure that Zenka maintains a loyal and engaged customer community.

mask puzzle | Zenka case study


Through our strategic partnership, Zenka has not only maintained but bolstered its leadership position in Kenya’s mobile lending industry. Our collaboration has led to enhanced brand visibility, remarkable user growth, and exceptional customer retention rates. Zenka stands as a trusted and influential player, firmly rooted in the market.

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