Securex case study

Bringing buzz to Securex’s new fleet management service.


Securex faced the puzzle of getting its innovative B2B fleet management solution noticed.

Piecing the puzzle

We collaborated with the Securex team to create and execute a content marketing strategy. We used various digital channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and email to distribute and promote the content.

We also created engaging and relevant content such as white papers, case studies, blogs, and infographics that showcased the value proposition and benefits of the fleet management solution.

mask puzzle | Securex case study
Securex Case Study


With innovative product lines and visionary strategies, Sidian Bank experienced remarkable expansion.

We helped in aligning digital content, audience, and media strategies, placing the modern-day customer at the center of it all. The result? Growth in engagement and loyalty and a digital financial service footprint that continues to go from strength to strength.

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