Digital support for one of
Kenya’s most sought-after
bathing soaps.

Line 4 | SAWA case study
Spur case study, SAWA case study


How do we build and maintain prominence and desirability across various seasons?

Piecing the puzzle

We provided a strategic digital roadmap and delivered campaigns across various digital channels. We used social media, email marketing, influencer marketing, and online contests to showcase the benefits and features of the new product. 

We also created engaging and relevant content such as recipes, testimonials, tips, and videos that highlighted the product’s unique selling proposition.


SAWA grew its status as one of Kenya’s most sought-after bathing soaps. By staying relevant and engaging consumers throughout the year, SAWA solidified its position in the Kenyan market, demonstrating the power of strategic digital marketing in maintaining brand desirability and market leadership.

Sawa | SAWA case study
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