Asus case study

Placing one of Europe’s Top 3 consumer laptop brands at the top of mind for high-end electronic consumers in the region.


While so popular in Europe for efficient and innovative electronics, Asus was not so popular in Kenya and neighboring countries.

Uber Case Study

Piecing the puzzle

To bring Asus to the fore in Kenya and the wider East Africa region, we execute innovative digital marketing, far-reaching digital PR, captivating product reviews, and curating unforgettable influencer experiences,


With innovative product lines and visionary strategies, Sidian Bank experienced remarkable expansion.

We helped in aligning digital content, audience, and media strategies, placing the modern-day customer at the center of it all. The result? Growth in engagement and loyalty and a digital financial service footprint that continues to go from strength to strength.

Asus case study
assus 1 | Asus case study
asus 2 | Asus case study
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