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Growthpad Animation and Visuals

We are a passionate leader in animation and motion design services in Kenya.

The digital economy has caused a massive increase in the amount and importance of digital content. Digital content and the customer experiences it fuels are, together, a vital expression of a brand’s voice and purposeWe are helping brands tell their stories better through engaging visual content. Contact our team for Free Consultation. 

Our work is helping brands tap into the explosive growth of video viewing across the globe, drive sales and impactfully position themselves as market leaders.  Visit our case studies page to see what more we can do for your business. 

Our video content touch points include:

1. Content strategy.

2. Content creation and production.

3. Content management.

4. Content distribution.

We offer an end-to-end approach to the content lifecycle and cut through the complexity for improved speed to market and relevance, at scale

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Some of our videos

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